US Trainings 2017

Learn how to get the best real-time graphics out of Ventuz 5!


Ventuz organizes a series of Ventuz 5 Designer trainings specifically for the US market. The tour will start in New York on the 6th of June. It will then move to Los Angeles on the 13th of June.

Learn the tools to create stunning interactive real-time graphics with a combination of design and logic. This is an introductory workshop for future designers that are new to 3D real-time graphics. The course teaches the essentials of the Ventuz 5 Designer user interface, tools and features. By the end of the training you will be able to create interactive graphics in various applications and operate them during a show. Experienced Motion Designers and 3D Artists would benefit the most and the readiness to handle simple logic will make this workshop an eye-opening experience. This is a 4 days course.

Attendees Profile
Experienced Motion Designers and 3D Artists would benefit most. The readiness to handle simple logic will make the course an eye-opening experience.

Minimum knowledge requirement
Experience in conventional authoring tools like Adobe After Effects is expected along with an open mind to dig into simple logical expressions.

What you need
You should come to the workshop with your computer. Remember that Ventuz runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 OS systems (a Mac, too, if Windows is installed via Boot Camp).

4 days


6-9 June 2017 New York (TBD) Ventuz 5 Designer 1,800 USD* Here
13-16 June 2017 Los Angeles (TBD) Ventuz 5 Designer 1,800 USD* Here

* If you sign up before the 15th of May, you will be granted a 20% discount on the registration fee! This offer is valid on any of the workshops scheduled for the US Trainings.

Topics of the Workshops

Introducing the Ventuz Philosophy
Introduction to the Ventuz-World with a presentation of the different products we offer and the markets and application sectors Ventuz is used in.
Introducing the typical Ventuz Workflow
Learn how a typical Ventuz project is growing from the idea to the result and the differences to conventional authoring systems.
The Ventuz Designer
Get an overview over the user interface along with some basic exercises.
Introduction of the Layer based workflow
The entry point into the software with enhanced effects, blending and layouting options.
Native Photoshop import
Learn how to import PSD files into Ventuz and use them inside the Layer Editor.
Introduction of the Nodes based workflow
Get used to the basic modules of Ventuz called Nodes and learn how to use and combine them.

Working with Images and Geometry
Get a sense of the 3D space and learn how to use and modify geometry and images.
Cinema4D Live Link
Learn how to work with the Cinema4D integration to improve your 3D workflow.
Working with Animation
Learn the different ways Ventuz offers to animate objects.
Keyframe Animations
Learn how to use Keyframe Animations inside Ventuz and see the big difference to linear authoring tools.
Working with the Animation State Logic
Linear animations are good, but non-linear ones are awesome.
Working with Interaction
Ventuz offers many possibilities to interact with graphics either by Touch or by Mouse & Keyboard.
Movie Clip playback, Audio and Soundcontrol
See the power of the Ventuz Clip engine.

Working with Logic
Design follows rules and so does interaction. Learn to create simple logic for a different behavior, animations and look&feel of your graphics.
Planning a Ventuz Project
Good preparation is half the battle. Learn how to get your head around a complex problem.
Export a Project for the Player
Learn how to export a finished project for Ventuz Runtime.
Project Maintenance and Archiving
After the project is before the project. Learn how to archive and maintain projects.

The Ventuz Video Engine and Clip Playback
Ventuz provides a powerful video I/O engine. Get used to different use cases you can benefit from in your projects.
Basic System Setup and Supported Formats
Learn how to setup and configure a VBOX broadcast and see the supported hardware vendors and formats.
The Ventuz Machine Service
Learn the features of the VMS and how to configure it.
Work with the Ventuz Template Engine
Template based workflows are mandatory in broadcast. Learn the concepts and features of the Ventuz Template Engine.
Brief Insight in Ventuz Director
Template based workflows are basic to improve the speed of realizing a project. Get an insight into Ventuz Director and the topics of the Director training course.
Question and Answer
At the end of every course there is enough time for questions.

If you wish to sign up for any of the Workshops in our calendar, just fill in the form here. Please, remember that these Workshops have a limited number of seats. We will follow the "first-come, first-serve" rule and create waiting lists in case cancellations occur.