November 30 2010

NVIDIA Visualizes with Ventuz

NVIDIA Corp., inventor of the graphics processing unit, (GPU), has recently incorporated Ventuz technology for several of their exhibitions following the great success they had with their fully digital Ventuz-powered booth at SIGGRAPH 2010. This includes Blizzcon 2010, the just-concluded SuperComputing 2010, and the upcoming CES 2011 show in Las Vegas next January.

SIGGRAPH is the number one, annual international trade show for computer graphics, digital art and related technologies. Anything new in the market is typically first showcased at this major event.

NVIDIA chose to create a fully digital booth for SIGGRAPH 2010, and they decided to incorporate Ventuz technology in most of their digital installations in their booth. What they really liked about Ventuz was the capability it gave them to display the full power and visualization capabilities of their new Quadro pro graphics solutions. Ventuz technology let them create and vividly display professional applications in combination with the latest NVIDIA computer graphics technology.

With the excellent results they had with this installation, we look forward to the other upcoming trade show appearances NVIDIA has that will also be incorporating our technology. We will certainly keep a close eye on what new display and visualization ideas they come up with, and are very proud that Ventuz continues to make a significant and valuable impact on their presentations.