Januar 12 2012

Get to know Ventuz

Our trusted training partners Incas Training & Projekte invite you to join their Ventuz Introduction Evenings in 2012. Get to know Ventuz in a friendly atmosphere.

You have heard about Ventuz. You somehow know that it is an amazing tool and that you can do many great things with it. Still, you have no idea how it works? Then the Ventuz Introduction Evenings held by Incas Training & Projekte are exactly what you need.

Four times a year Incas Training & Projekte invites everyone who is interested to spend an evening at their headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, to learn all about the handling of Ventuz, the many advantages and the wonderful workflow. Accompanied by a few drinks and some fingerfood, you will also get the chance to talk to the production experts personally to find out why Ventuz is the right tool for you. And the best part about it: these events are free of charge.

The next Ventuz Introduction Evening is to be held on Febuary 6th. Find all further information and the place to register here.