November 29 2012

Social Media integration in Ventuz

Three monkeys and their partner RLC have created a new Ventuz node, which allows you to connect with social media.

Here is what three monkeys and RLC have to say about this:

Social Media has proven to be more than just “fun”. It is the best way to develop a personal and long lasting relationship with customers. Facebook now has more than one billion monthly active users, Twitter more than 170 million. During their active time people connect with each other, share experiences with their friends and read what their friends have to say. This is what is called “referenced” or “trusted” sharing, meaning that people trust posts from their friends more than normal ads.

Based on these facts, the natural next step was to bring social media into the real world, having it step out of the computer screen to make it available at events, trade-shows, store installations and more. Two companies have stepped up to this challenge and concluded their work with a Ventuz node, which opens new doors for social media integration at events and trade-shows.


Dubai-based three monkeys, providers of creative and technical solutions in the UAE, and Austrian social media technology company RealLifeConnect (RLC), have taken their partnership to the next level by integrating RLC services as a functionality in Ventuz. This is a truly international cooperation showing how Ventuz links industries together.

Currently RLC offers a solution to link the offline world with the online community via RFID/NFC technology. Customers or clients can post messages and upload photos on social media channels during an event via an RFID card or wristband. All messages and posts can easily be configured online via the RLC platform and CMS. By swiping the card at an RLC station, they can ‘Check In’ at an event, before posting pre-defined content, such as a ‘like’ message via a ‘Like’ box; and, upload photos and videos via a ‘Photo’ box.

Taking a step forward in their partnership, the two companies have now developed a Ventuz plug-in that allows using RLC social media services via virtual boxes (using the RLC API), directly out of Ventuz scenes. Four Ventuz nodes are currently available:
1. Simple Post Box: post a message with a static text and picture just like the RLC ‘Like’ Box or the RLC ‘Check In’ Box.
2. Post Box: post a message with dynamic text and static picture.
3. Simple Photo Box: post a message with static text and dynamic picture, just like the RLC ‘Photo’ Box.
4. Photo Box: post a message with a dynamic text and a dynamic picture.



With the new functionality customized content can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Weibo, directly from a Ventuz application. The result is a more dynamic content that offers users an enhanced interactive experience. “Using social media at events leverages the visibility of the installation to the online audience and friends, thus increasing the likes and talking about this metrics on Facebook and increasing the click through rate during the event and days after,” said Michael Ionita, CEO RealLifeConnect.

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