Februar 20 2013

Incredible tools for incredible people

Agency: DOT Media, Zeppelin TV

Antena 3 TV uses Ventuz for their new show "Increibles", the spanish version of "The Brain".


A primetime spot on a Friday night, that is where you could find the new show “Increibles” on February 8th on the Spanish network Antena 3. Developed by the game show specialists of Endemol, “Increibles” has been previously produced in many different countries all over the world and is commonly known as “The Brain”. With the large variety of people and skills presented in the show, many complex technological requirements arise. In this production, two of them were met with Ventuz.

The first was a little girl named Carla who claimed she could locate any country on a world map. To test that, a celebrity guest picked a name from a urn and little Carla used a 55” touch screen to zoom into a map of the world and select the country. Both touch screen and the giant backdrop graphics were driven by Ventuz. Due to the different aspect ratios of touch screen and backdrop, Ventuz generated 2 different video signals. All 197 countries were imported as 3D objects in order to allow for the different states: unselected, selected, correct and wrong. Needless to say, Carla succeeded without hesitating once.


The second part which used Ventuz was the magic cube experiment. Celebrities picked a random number and a random start cell on the chess board. After that the candidate Martin had to complete the magic cube making moves only with the knight - and without ever seeing the board. Ventuz generated all the graphics in real time. A Ventuz operator completed the moves of the chessman according to Martin’s instructions. Finally, Ventuz did all the calculations to evaluate whether Martin was right.

Incidentally, Martin and Carla were the two most popular candidates of the night. In the end it was Martin who won the show.

You can watch “Increibles” online. Just follow this link!