März 27 2012

A Stage to reveal some Secrets

Agency: xlab

In the first half of March Prague's Hilton Hotel hosted one of the most provocative events of this fashion season: the Top Secret Fashion Show. Naturally, an event like that needs a stunning stage.

For the sixth year in a row the Top Secret Fashion Show drew in the attention of the entire Czech nation. With an edgy event like this, a special focus always lies on the overall visual impression. Consequently, the Czech agency xlab was hired to create a dazzling backdrop for the stage in Ventuz.

The backdrop consisted of three LED walls, a seamless LCD wall and a projector. On each of these stations the presentation allowed for the mixing of five different video layers. The scenes were accompanied by 3D objects and live camera feeds. This entire setup was sported from one singular machine, using AMD’s FirePro V9800. With this powerful combination, all different technologies ran smoothly and in absolute synch.


A specialty of this event is its free spirited nature. Although there is a schedule, nobody ever knows how long the individual segments will take. This open character made it necessary to run the Ventuz presentation like a VJ performance, with an operator quickly adapting to what is happening on the catwalk. The flexible nature of Ventuz made this an easy task. All in all, the girls were not the only stunner!