25 meter Video Wall at Les Trois Quartiers, Paris

Date: 25th February 2014, Location: France, Paris, Event: Presentations
Agency: emenco, Customer: Les Trois Quartiers
Technology: Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Video Wall

Ventuz puts into reality a concept by star designer Ora Ito for an installation at luxury shopping center Les Trois Quartiers in Paris.

Les Trois Quartiers at La Madeleine in Paris is a prime spot for luxury shopping and leisure. No wonder that they hired an army of scenographers, architects and integrators for a massive video wall installation – led by star designer Ora Ito and his crew. The French agency emenco was chosen to create the multimedia real-time Ventuz content.
The installation consists of 40 screens hidden behind a mirror wall at the heart of the shopping center. With a total resolution of 19200 by 1080 pixels, the Ventuz scene displays information on events, weather and localized news. All data is fed into the graphics in real-time and updated dynamically. The design and animations follow the vision of Ora Ito and his unique, reduced style – which he calls Simplexity.
Only two Ventuz servers power this immense installation, using AMD FirePro W9000 graphics boards. Synchronization is provided by AMD S400 synch boards and their foolproof genlock functionality. 
For more information, visit the website of the agency emenco.