3D Real-Time Presentation of UAVs in Flight

Date: 5th November 2013, Location: Moscow, Russia, Event: Presentations
Agency: 2RISE, Customer: UAVs
Technology: 3D Real-Time Presentation, Graphic Design, Video Wall


At Interpolitex Moscow, AEROB visualized their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with a custom made Ventuz presentation.

Interpolitex is an internationally acclaimed trade show for Means of State Security Provision, held annually in Moscow, Russia. The company AEROB, manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), hired the German agency 2RISE to help them visualize the features and functionalities of their aerial photo surveying and mapping drones. 
2RISE installed a 2×4 display wall on the booth of AEROB and created a 3D visualization in Ventuz, which showed the drones in flight and explained their modes of communication. The eight screens ran in fullHD and were powered by one high-end Ventuz PC using an AMD FirePro 8800 graphics board. The sophisticated design work as well as the sheer size of the video wall served for a real eye-catcher.