3DExcite Features Massive 490m² Presentation at Annual Event

Date: 10th June 2015, Location: Munich, Event: Events, Presentations
Agency: 3DExcite
Technology: Graphic Design, Projection Mapping

3DExcite Live is an annual inhouse conference hosted by software and design company 3DExcite, a member of the Dessault Systèmes family and formerly known as RTT. This is where the company launches new products and shows their newest development projects to a crowd of select guests. This year, 3DExcite Live was held at the famous Munich Eisbach Studios on May 21-22. The show was a resounding success and a complete sell out – hosting visitors from over 20 countries worldwide.

With only the finest in visual technology on display, the lecture rooms needed special attention as well. In cooperation with creative agency three10, a Ventuz powered setup was developed to represent the company’s expertise in 3D design. The main lecture room, which also housed the keynote presentations, was equipped with a 270° projection. A total of four Christie 4K BOXER projectors covered three walls of the room with high-end real-time graphics. All 490 m² of projection surface were operated from a single Ventuz server at a resolution of 16384 x 2160 pixels.

“Ventuz is the perfect all-in-one solution for these kind of setups”, explained Andi Michl, CEO of three10. “Not only does it allow us to create truly stunning 3D content, but it also offers everything you need to bring this content on stage: projector setup, warping, edge blending and show control. It serves for an extremely efficient and streamlined workflow.”

three10 was not only responsible for the technical setup, but also created the content for the three keynote presentations. At a resolution of 16 times 2K (16384 x 2160 pixels), the presentations featured 3D objects, live animations, rendered text as well as embedded 4k video streams.

Ventuz also ran the presentation setup in the second lecture room in a more classical approach with two projectors. All through the event, both lecture rooms were used for presentations and workshops held by 3DExcite and renowned clients such as DreamWorks Animations, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota. Yet again, 3DExcite Live did not fail to awe the audience and we at Ventuz are proud to have been a part of it.