Airbus Group Shows an Uplifting Performance at Paris Air Show

Date: 26th January 2016, Location: Paris, Event: Air Show, Presentations
Agency: VS Factory
Technology: Graphic Design, Showroom, Video Wall

At Paris Air Show in 2015, Airbus provided visitors to their booth with a new approach to media installations, not only going larger than ever before, but also putting emphasis on offering the right information in real-time. Supported by our French customer VS Factory, the entire setup was powered by the Ventuz software suite.

The main focus point consisted of a five-meter vertical display stele located in the middle of the booth. Additionally, a display wall wrapped around two sides of the booth wall. Both the stele and wall functioned as one installation, showing the same mood animations and backdrop graphics in sync. A Windows Surface tablet installed in front of the stele added interactivity, giving the users the opportunity to choose among a variety of topics, each of which would open an additional window on the stele and play back a video. Some of the videos were added at the last minute or even recorded on the show floor and imported overnight, so a seamless integration of new content into the library was an essential requirement of the customer.

Additionally, a 60 meter LED ribbon wrapped around the entire booth. It displayed latest news and activities on Airbus taken from the web and translated into several languages to cater to the entire audience. Naturally, the booth also featured an auditorium for conferences and small presentations – here Ventuz was also in use.

The comprehensive, interactive brand experience created by VS Factory for Airbus was a great success and many of the 350,000 visitors of the show found their way onto the Airbus booth.