Audi A6 customer experience

Date: 14th July 2011, Event: Presentations
Agency: three monkeys, Customer: Audi
Market: POS/POI, Technology: Augmented Reality, Interactive, Touch Screen

three monkeys created and implemented several innovative concepts exclusively for an Audi event that gave Audi’s best GCC, Asia, Australia and South Africa customers the opportunity to test drive the new A6, and find out more about the new car via smart, fun, and user-friendly interactive devices.

The monkeybook, the slotcar racetrack, touch tables and mannequins were all displayed in Audi’s paddock area, also called, the “brand world”, where customers could experience the new Audi A6 without being behind the wheel.

The innovative monkeybook, developed by three monkeys and its German partner MediaScreen, was launched for the first time in the middle east at the Audi A6 event. Mounted on an elegant transparent base, this customized, user-friendly and stylish interactive “book” is equipped with a micro-pc and a high-precision camera tracking system, thus allowing customers to flick through “pages” to reveal Audi A6 images, text and videos.

three monkeys also developed a model racetrack with augmented reality, which was perhaps the most popular interactive device with customers. The objective was to combine a traditional “man’s” toy with augmented reality and virtual technology to make the races exciting for both players and bystanders.

Built on a large wooden table with no landmarks or decoration, the racing game was set up for two players who could either race against each other or the clock. A 32″ touch screen was installed at the player’s control position and included a selection menu and game instructions. After typing in their name and selecting a racetrack, the players then ran a few practice rounds and timed laps. Tiny laser barriers tracked the lap times, which were sent directly into a database before being displayed on two large screens mounted behind the racetrack. other information displayed also included race signal, leaderboards and player names.

The track’s distinctive feature, and the reason it was so well-liked, was that each player could select his own racing experience: either the A6 event brand world (city landscape) or the A6 quattro world (rocky scenery). One camera broadcast the race onto the two big screens with the chosen world, and even zoomed in on the cars as they sped through the laser barriers, thus successfully recreating the adrenaline pumping feeling of a real formula one race.

The A6 brand world also boasted four touch tables where customers could browse through interactive content, including an image and video gallery, and animations to get more information about the car’s quattro all-wheel drive, performance, technology and regional specifications.

Last, two touchscreens mounted on revolving mannequins were on display in the Audi brand world. Similar to the touch table concept, the customers were able to access the interactive content available on the four touch tables, as well as information on the car’s luxury offering and safety features, event information and after-sales services. One mannequin was also on display at the Yas Hotel reception.

All the above installations were realized with Ventuz. The Audi A6 customer experience event was held on Yas Island at the Yas Marina Circuit from May 30 to June 15, 2011.