Audi Presents New Electric Vehicles with Massive Ventuz Presentation

Date: 18th February 2016, Location: Frankfurt, Germany, Event: Presentations, Exhibition: IAA
Agency: Rayd, Customer: Audi
Technology: Graphic Design, Video Wall

At last fall’s IAA in Frankfurt, Germany, the automotive giant Audi introduced their newest line of electrically powered cars. The press conference featured an enormous LED wall installation with real cars mounted onto the screens. The ideas and concept for this project were provided by the Joint Venture of the companies Rayd and Creators, who’s strong collaboration delivers dramaturgy, rundowns, visual design and presentation content for numerous automotive events.

The main LED wall spread across the intriguing size of 12240 by 1970 pixels and was powered by only one PC which was custom made for this project alone. With an actual car mounted onto the wall, the graphics were matched to mimic the car driving along roads and rotating on a virtual turntable that moved in sync with the vehicle. Additionally, Rayd condensed three individual speeches into real-time presentation content, each designed in a unique and yet comprehensive look.

To control the presentation, Rayd used their very own .Net Remoting 4 App, a tool that was developed in-house to leverage the full potential of the Ventuz remoting functionalities. The app not only triggers events in the presentation, but also receives status updates from the Ventuz machine to guarantee seamless flow and communication to either a single machine or a whole cluster of Ventuz instances.

This is only one of the many events for which Rayd and Creators are providing Audi with presentation concepts and content. Stay tuned for more stunning automotive projects.