Audi Shows Innovative Spirit with the Last Man on the Moon

Date: 3rd March 2016, Location: Detroit, Event: Presentations, Exhibition: NAIAS
Agency: Rayd, Customer: Audi
Technology: Data Visualization

At NAIAS 2016, the North American International Auto Show which took place in Detroit in January, automobile manufacturer Audi demonstrated their innovative spirit by inviting Captain Eugene Cernan on stage at their official press conference. Cernan is the last man to ever walk on the moon and holds the unofficial speed record for the lunar rover at 18 km/h. Looking back on his experiences during the moon landing and his NASA times, Cernan motivated young kids to pursue their dreams and make the most of the technological innovations around them.

Agencies Rayd and Cre-ators were the first to put this advice into practice. They supported the Audi press conference with a high-end presentation concept based on the Ventuz software suite. On a 15 meter LED wall they showed four different presentations, ranging from company stats and numbers to highlighting the many features of the new A4 Allroad Quadro model. Once again they managed to visualize the many facts and figures in an appealing way, using slick design ideas and subtle animations.

The main topic of the evening was the unique h-tron technology, a hydrogen engine that instead of CO2 emissions exhausts nothing but water. This innovation was emphasized with a show segment that used a media water curtain which through automation of the nozzles was able to write words and draw shapes out of water. Once triggered out of Ventuz, the show segment was an impressive part of the conference.

The Audi staff was once again impressed by the clean design work in Ventuz as well as the flawless realization of the project.