Press Launch of the new Porsche 911 in the US


In the sunny state of California, German agency stereolize created a presentation as sophisticated as the product it featured.

In November 2011, Porsche chose the city of Santa Maria in California to present the newest model of the Porsche 911 to the international press. stereolize created a presentation that consisted of three layers of projection: onto the screen in the back, onto the floor and onto the car. The new design elements and features were directly projected onto the car itself. The presenter was able to highlight certain details by clicking on highlighted areas on the car. Interactivity was provided by two laser tracking systems.

The sweetest part of the installation was the fact that the car was positioned on top of a turntable. Not only was the presentation shaped to the car, but it also adjusted automatically to the position of the turntable, which would rotate according to the highlighted element of the car. This highly sophisticated presentation made the wonderful piece of German engineering shine a bit more, and it sure has left an impact!

3d pie chart showing porsche specs