Cartier Conquers Kuwait Market with Ventuz

Date: 17th January 2018
Customer: Cartier Jewelry, Agency: Eventagrate, Location: Kuwait
Event: Events
Technology: Graphic Design, Interactive, Video Wall

It’s been a while since prime jewelry brand Cartier has focused on the Kuwait market. So in order to reconnect with their customers and also to introduce the new collection Cactus de Cartier, the impact had to be significant. With the help of Dubai agency Eventagrate, Cartier created a five-day event with an 8-meter media tunnel and a 20 square meter interactive video wall, both running Ventuz-powered content.

The initial challenge was that the location selected by Cartier, a park in Kuwait, allowed only educational or governmental events. Therefore, Eventagrate chose a content strategy that embraced a more educational character and focused on cacti, their habitats, their reproduction cycle and much more. When visitors entered the location, they were led through the 8-meter media tunnel that showed a magical desert environment. As the installation detected the visitor’s motion, the cacti started to bloom, birds came out to pollinate the flowers and accompanied the visitor to the end of the tunnel.

“Our goal was to make this first part of the experience reactive”, explained Nadya Koleva, Project Manager at Eventagrate. “This way, visitors could get acquainted with the environment and the brand in this fairytale setting without having to interact.” To involve as many senses as possible, the team installed two ventilators that blew scents into the tunnel, starting with a fresh Aloe Vera scent in the first half and ending with a stronger aroma of freshly cut grass.

With a diameter of 3.5 meters, the total LED resolution of the media tunnel was 2800 by 2800 pixels. The curved nature of the display served for a few distortion issues on the top of the tunnel – the graphics needed to be compressed the closer they came to the peak in order to still look natural. “The flexibility of Ventuz allowed us to solve this problem with a few smart tweaks of the content”, said Nadya. “No additional shaping was required.”

When the visitors exited the tunnel, they were greeted by a large video wall. It consisted of LED panels covered with a glass pane to give it a more glossy and stylish look. Interactivity was provided by the radarTOUCH laser technology. Here, the visitor could select one of five Cactus de Cartier statement pieces. The journey then led them through information on the specific plant the jewelry related to and explained how the characteristics of the plant influenced the designers in the creation of the piece. A little game-like segment allowed the visitor to learn more about jewelry production.

“In order to serve more than one guest at the video wall simultaneously, we mirrored the journey on both halves of the display”, explained Nadya. “One side was in Arabic, the other in English. As we always keep all assets outside of the Ventuz projects – like images, videos and text – it was easy for us to do the translation in the according Excel file. Also, our customers are oftentimes a bit particular about the content and require changes up to the last minute before the show. Luckily, this is not an issue for us with the real-time nature of Ventuz and its flexible asset management functionalities.”

The guests’ journey ended in a cozy pavilion, where they were handed a potted cactus and could choose to see some Cartier jewelry. However, Cartier’s media journey began much earlier in the production process. Nadya remembers: “During production, we decided that it would be insufficient to show Cartier our preliminary results of the media tunnel graphics on a screen. We wanted them to be able to dive into the experience. Therefore, we created a virtual reality environment of the booth in Ventuz and implemented the live graphics into it. When the Cartier delegates visited us, we had them put on our Oculus Rift headsets and they could walk through the tunnel and get a real feeling for the installation. This was very helpful for everyone involved and allowed us to get the very best out of our concept.”