China News Service Upgrades Showroom with Interactive Info Screen

Date: 2nd June 2016, Location: Beijing, China
Agency: Twinflag, Customer: China News
Market: POS/POI, Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive, Touch Screen

Big data is the number one topic of our time, and our customers are seeing increased interest by corporations to translate the vast amounts of data into appealing visuals. Chinese agency Twinflag was recently asked by China News Service (CNS) for an interactive installation for their showroom in Beijing. Since CNS handles massive amounts of live data, the task was to create an application that allows visitors to experience global news in a simple, entertaining way.

Twinflag used Ventuz to design an interactive application that was linked to the CNS database. Using the globe as an icon for international communication, the application uses pop-ups for real-time news alerts that come directly from the CNS database and cover breaking news from many different areas. Visitors can see and interact with this data on a 98” multi-touch screen in the CNS showroom in Beijing. The application has been running since March 2016 and CNS is very happy with the outcome.