A City’s History Told by Ventuz

Date: 7th September 2015, Location: Italy, Siena, Event: Events
Agency: Clonwerk
Technology: Projection Mapping

This summer, the city of Siena in Italy is celebrating its glorious history. Every night, the Piazza del Duomo is lit up by a Ventuz powered projection mapping installation on the city’s old cathedral. The project was created by Filmmaster Events and our customer Clonwerk and will continue until the end of September.

The installation tells the story of the city of Siena in a series of beautifully produced videos. Clonwerk is using Ventuz as a playout and mapping tool in order to bring the videos onto the cathedral’s facade in a smooth and reliable manner. Nine 20k projectors are powered from a single Ventuz server to put out a final resolution of 2200×3080 pixels onto the building.

Additionally, Clonwerk created a custom interface with a graphical timeline, which allows them to easily manage all video and audio clips needed for the show. This interface communicates with the Ventuz playout servers and the lighting console via an SMPTE timecode, keeping the entire installation in perfect synch at all times.

The intriguing video content and the originally composed music make this project a must-see for everyone who travels through Tuscany this summer.