ckMEDIA and ghost-o-one become the Realtime Department

Date: 27th October 2011
Customer: ckMEDIA, Agency: ghost-o-one, Montfort Werbung, Sensory Minds
Market: POS/POI
Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive, Realtime, Touch Screen

Not only have these two long-time Ventuz users joined their forces, they have already brought with them a couple of really sweet projects.

We wish them all the best!

The Multitouch Experience Cube was the first project the newly founded Realtime Department realized, and boy is it nice. Together with lead agency Montfort Werbung and contractor Sensory Minds, they created a walk-in cube with a LCD strip consisting of 23 displays on three walls. 14 meters of synced multitouch presentation gave a full overview over the product portfolio of customer Grass GmbH.

Also, they have developed a phenomenal product, which is only called ‘the Prototype’! It consists of a rotating table on which a physical model of any sort can be placed, and a multitouch glass screen which is mounted on a hydraulic arm. The screen can be moved up and down, it can be tilted back and forth, and it can be moved around the table top. The position, tilt and angle of the screen are fed into the Ventuz scene on the display, which then adjusts the position of the virtual camera accordingly. Thus, you have a perfect augmented reality setup and a wonderful way to combine physical and digital models for a full and complete product experience.

If you want to learn more, visit the website of Realtime Department! If you want to see more of their skills, look at their channels on youtube and vimeo.

We are sure that there is a lot to expect from this team and are looking forward to seeing their next projects.