A Dance with Suzuki

Date: 26th September 2012, Event: Presentations
Customer: Suzuki
Technology: radarTouch, Video Wall

Suzuki equipped their stand at this year’s Moscow International Automobile Salon with a variety of Ventuz installations.

Suzuki sure knows how to attract attention. Their booth at this year’s MIAS sported a few Ventuz installations created by our customer Visuals in Motion. The centerpiece of the booth was a video wall made up of 28 screens with a size of 7 by 2.5 meters. The entire wall was made touchable by a radarTouch system and was used during show hours to entertain the visitors with interactive games. Suzuki even supplied some nice prizes.

Six individual screens were placed at crucial points on the booth. They showed Suzuki’s promotion videos and a schedule of the events of the day. Above the stand, six LED-boxes served as eye-catchers for passersby, and drew quite a lot of attention.

But what really stuck in everyone’s mind was the interactive presentation that Visuals in Motion prepared on the video wall for the press day. Suzuki introduced the new model Gran Vitara with a keynote speech and symphony of high-end audiovisual content driven by a pair of dancers.