GSK Launches New Products with Holographic Presentation

Date: 2nd June 2015, Event: Presentations
Agency: Magna Event, Customer: Videotooth
Technology: Augmented Reality, Holographic, Interactive, Touch Screen

There are things you cannot adequately show with a simple PowerPoint presentation. When the Greek branch office of world leading pharmaceutical company GSK approached their 2015 annual corporate meeting, they quickly came to this realization. Their request was forwarded to the lead agency Magna Event: to create an experience beyond the usual. Consequently, our customer Videotooth was asked to create a high impact presentation to best display GSK’s newest products.

Videotooth came up with an interactive 3D holographic setup. It consisted of a backdrop projection powered by two Barco SLMR-12 projectors. At the edge of the stage, they installed a holographic gauze which was invisible to the eye but served as a surface for yet another Barco projector. This was where the main presentation was shown, giving the impression of graphics appearing in mid-air. Interactivity was provided by a radarTouch laser device.

Next to the breakdowns of numbers and figures, the event was used to launch a few new products by GSK. A special highlight was the innovative Ellipta device, a new inhaler with mechanical dosage measuring and counter. The interactive 3D setup made it possible to give insight into the inner life of the device as well as demonstrate its functionalities in a most effective way.