Interactive Cascade for Veolia Exhibition Stand

Date: 15th December 2016
Customer: Veolia, Agency: Virtual Stage Studio, Location: Paris
Event: Events
Technology: Touch Screen

Water is only one of the many fields in which Veolia operates. Yet they chose it as the theme for the central installation at their booth at SMCL 2016 in Paris. Agency Virtual Stage Studio created a cylindric projection in combination with a round multi-touch table that was not only an eyecatcher, but also an information hub.

Eight projectors were used for the cylinder and the table. Two Ventuz servers handled softedge and mapping, and also managed the display of the customer’s content. Interaction was provided by four Radartouch devices, serving for a multi-user experience.  Visitors were able to browse through the complex service portfolio of Veolia and find information in the form of images, text and videos.

The background animation on the cylinder was also created with the use of the Ventuz design toolset and mimicked a waterfall, picking up on Veolia’s core competence and drawing in the crowd with its slick and stylish look.