Interactive Holographic Presentation

Date: 2nd July 2014
Agency: iTechnol, Location: Moscow, Russia
Event: Presentations
Technology: Augmented Reality, Graphic Design, Holographic, Interactive, Presentation, Touch Screen

AEP Russia shows off nuclear power facilities with high-end holographic presentation and Microsoft Surface application.

On April 17th, leaders of the nuclear power industry met at the President Hotel in Moscow to exchange the latest developments in their market. AEP Russia seized this opportunity to present their expertise in the planning and construction of nuclear power plants through two very distinct technological installations, created by the agency iTechnol using Ventuz.
The main presentation consisted of a holographic projection using a holo grid and Christie Roadster projector. The content was controlled by the speaker via a Microsoft Surface interface, and demonstrated the company’s strategy for future power plants and construction improvements. 
For deeper information, iTechnol equipped the lounge area with an additional Microsoft Surface table, which offered a multi-touch presentation. Visitors could browse through a 3D model of an AEP nuclear power plant and get in-depth information on the individual components in real-time.