Interactive installations for Google Showroom in Paris

Date: 18th September 2013, Location: Paris
Customer: Google
Technology: Data Visualization, Installation, Interactive, Showroom, Touch Screen, Video Wall

Google equips their new showroom in Paris with a number of multi-touch installations and large projections for a true feeling of innovative technology

For Google, Paris is far more than just another city to have an office in – it is the home of their European Cultural Institute, which is specialized in creating multimedia technology and digital tools for cultural organizations. The Institute’s showroom sports a variety of immersive Ventuz installations designed by the French agency emenco and using the latest technology, such as Kinect and holo projection.
The main attraction of the showroom is a 7 by 3 meter projection created by four NEC PG500U projectors – softedge and shaping naturally done inside Ventuz. The wall is powered by one high-end machine using an AMD FirePro W9000 graphics board. A transparent holo screens serves as the touch interface for the content on the wall. Videos can be selected and sent from the touch device onto the projection surface. The entire design of the application is made so that it can be quickly adjusted to the customer’s needs and preferences, making sure that each presentation has its own unique atmosphere.
At times when the projection wall is not needed for presentations, it serves as a playful interactive installation for visitors to get engaged. Interactivity is provided by two synchronized Kinect motion tracking cameras.