The MallWall for Interactive Shopping Fever

Date: 7th November 2013
Agency: Sonntagnacht
Market: Digital Signage, POS/POI, Shopping, Technology: Interactive, Touch Screen, Video Wall

Interactive video wall installation offers many services to shopping mall audience.

ECE is a German company specialized in the construction and management of Shopping Centers. In their ongoing strive to create even more immersive shopping experiences for their audiences, they have recently introduced their Future Labs, two shopping malls in the German cities Hamburg and Essen, that incorporate innovative technology that provide a wide variety of services for the shoppers. 
A central element of the Future Lab is the MallWall, a development of Sonntagnacht GmbH and realized using Ventuz. The 12m2 video wall consists of 9 HD displays and a touch screen console, which serves as the interface for the interactive presentation on the wall. The MallWall offers a map of the entire shopping center with animated navigation from where you are to any shop in the building. Additionally, visitors can browse through the virtual stores, select one or more of the 150,000 products, all presented with images and video footage, and load these onto their smart phone. Product information and editorial articles are provided as well, but instead of this being marketing information by the stores themselves, the Future Lab employs scouts and bloggers who not only review the products available, but also give insight into trends and offer style advice. 
The MallWall also connects the users to the outside world by offering them the opportunity to share their shopping experience on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, different augmented reality games can be played. For further entertainment, a TV signal and gaming consoles can interface with the MallWall. 
The MallWall project was awarded the Annual Multimedia prize 2014 in the category Special Digital Formats.