Mammoth to enter events and presentation market using Ventuz

Date: 5th September 2013
Agency: Mammoth
Event: Events
Market: Broadcast
Technology: Motion Graphics, Presentation, Touch Screen, Video Wall

British broadcast graphics agency Mammoth plans to venture into the events and presentation industry.

To make sure that they deliver the best quality of interactive graphics and installations, they have added the real-time 3D software Ventuz to their portfolio.
Mammoth Graphics has established itself as an industry leader in high-end live on-air graphics. They have designed and delivered content for several well-known shows including The Voice, Eurovision Song Contest, Big Brother and Formula 1. Mammoth now wants to leverage their expertise to enter the rapidly growing events and presentation market. They plan to use Ventuz real-time graphics software to give them a competitive edge. 
Phil Long, founder and CEO of Mammoth Graphics, has been around ever since the days when TV graphics were still printed onto cardboard and held in front of the camera. His many years of experience in the industry have taught him that in order to deliver the best work, he needs both the design talent as well as the operation and technology skills. “We feel that our mix of great design and use of real-time graphics technology is ideally suited for the events industry,” says Phil. “We are used to working on tight deadlines and are able to react to events as they happen. High profile, high quality, high pressure – this is where events are going, and we have that know-how.”
The team has already set foot into the new events territory a few times, one of which being a conference at the Tate Gallery using social media to bring experts from all over the world to the round table. Yet, with the usual software solutions at hand, the folks at Mammoth quickly reached their limits. “We needed a tool that allowed us to create customizable interfaces,” says Phil. “Also, we were looking for a solution that would grow with us as we gain experience and traction in the market.” 
After some research, the team decided to lay their bet on the real-time graphics software Ventuz. Ventuz has a long history in both the events and the broadcast markets and has established itself as a flexible and reliable tool for sophisticated multimedia installations. Especially when it comes to integrating the newest technology into presentation setups, such as multi-touch devices like Kinect, Ventuz has proven to deliver quick solutions while preserving creative freedom. “We were very impressed with the quality of the graphics output as well as the speed,” claims Phil. “Additionally, Ventuz seems to be absolutely future proof. No matter what kind of requirements may come our way, with Ventuz we are already well prepared.”
Mammoth also plans to use Ventuz for on-air and in-studio broadcast graphics projects in the future. Especially in combination with their very own social media application Crowdburst, Ventuz appears to be the most flexible option to deliver stable, high-end 3D real-time graphics.
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