Market America Celebrates Success with Massive Graphical Installation

Date: 31st August 2016, Location: Greensboro, Event: Events
Artist: Eric Gazzillo, Agency: Quince Imaging
Technology: Video Wall

On August 4-7, retail giant Market America, owner of the well-known domain SHOP.COM, celebrated its 24th Annual International Convention at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The 4-day event was produced by Ashley Events and featured a 7-piece stage projection plus two LED walls provided by Ventuz customer Quince Imaging.

Quince Imaging controlled all graphics over the entire space of 8192 x 2160 pixels. The content consisted of 4K video playback across all screens with synchronized sound, dynamic visualization of data from a database of over 100 presenters, branding elements and real-time social media integration with show-specific hashtags.

By utilizing the Ventuz template engine, Quince Imaging was not only able to dynamically follow the shows non-linear structure, they also used it to implement exciting transitions for the graphics. “Next to the design options, Ventuz was the fastest, most robust solution for programming multi-channel 8k graphics for a stage show”, said Eric Gazzillo, Display Designer at Quince Imaging. “The Market America International Convention is known for its blistering pace, which has burnt out other media servers in the past.” Not so with Ventuz, which proved its worth in the complex setup of Barco and Christie projectors, Absen A3 Pro LED Tiles and a myriad of other hard- and software products, and left both lead agency and customer more than satisfied with the outcome.