Meydan Turns Exhibition Booth into Interactive Experience

Date: 8th December 2015
Agency: Eventagrate, Location: Dubai
Market: POS/POI
Technology: Interactive, Video Wall

In Dubai, it is all about real-estate. Meydan Group, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s very own development endeavor, is setting new standards for housing, sport venues, shopping areas and event locations to make Dubai the leading city in terms of modern living and working. At Cityscape, the annual real-estate exhibition in Dubai, Meydan Group proved its innovative mindset with a fully interactive booth. Installations were created by the agency EventAgratE using the real-time software Ventuz.

The highlight of the booth was the revealing of District One, a luxurious residential development project located near the downtown area of Dubai. A model of this sought-after neighborhood was placed in the middle of the booth and surrounded on all sides by LED walls showing real-time graphics and videos. This way, the model stayed hidden until the official ceremony which was triggered via OSC from an Apple watch of one of the staff members. The content changed and the LED wall was slowly lifted to reveal the model of District One.

A second installation was also geared towards this very development project. It consisted of an arrangement of three screens which were made interactive using two Leap Motion devices. Visitors could browse through the specifics of the District One development project, take a close look at the luxury villas and get a very detailed idea of the interior due to the use of realistic shaders and textures.

Meydan Group is currently working on a number of other development projects as well, and wanted to present all of them at their Cityscape booth. For this purpose, EventAgratE installed a large 6×4 video wall which was made interactive using a radarTouch device. It showed the map of Dubai with all the Meydan development projects highlighted as 3D models. By selecting one project from a menu at the bottom, visitors could receive detailed information consisting of text and imagery.

Lastly, Meydan Group also wanted to present itself as a company at the booth. Using the Arduino interactive technology, EventAgratE created another video wall which was equipped with sensors along the lower level of the wall. The content showed a timeline. If a person approached the wall in front of a certain year, the sensors registered the visitor and content was revealed at their position, telling the story of Meydan Group and previous successful development projects.

The complexity of the project required EventAgratE to use many different technologies for control, interaction and management. The Ventuz software suite provided the perfect graphics tool in this sophisticated environment and proved to integrate easily with all building blocks of the installations.