Multi-touch screens connect visitors to Facebook

Date: 22nd November 2013, Location: Moscow, Russia
Agency: iTechnol
Technology: Data Visualization, Facebook, Interactive, Touch Screen

Skolkovo Business School equips their seventh anniversary celebrations with Ventuz powered touch-screens.

The Skolkovo School of Management is one of Moscow’s finest education centers. Naturally, they are at the pulse of time, especially when celebrating their seventh anniversary. For this occasion the agency iTechnol was hired to create a number of interactive applications on several 55” multi-touch tables. Visitors could write greeting cards from the event and send them out via email or Facebook. Built in graphics and text editors allowed for personalization. At another installation, a photographer took pictures of guests in front of a green screen. At the touch-table, the guests could then select a background for their photograph and, again, send the picture out via email or facebook.
Among the distinguished guests was Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who was very impressed by the interactive installations and praised the technological expertise shown at the event.
(Video: SK event from iTechnol on Vimeo)