Ventuz at NAB 2019

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What is on display?

Data-driven real-time motion graphics

We would like to know you and your projects better, therefore we have organized a private meeting room. Please set up an appointment with our team. In the near future, we plan a roadshow where we would like to visit you and learn more about your work and approaches to data-driven real-time motion graphics and the Ventuz Software Suite.

To set up a meeting, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We will happily reserve plenty of time to demonstrate to you the many improvements that we have introduced with the least few releases of Ventuz X, among them more rendering power through real-time engine updates, new and improved 3rd party integrations and a brand new data viz and motion graphics tool kit.

Augmented Reality

On the booth of our partner Molden Media, we will show a ready-to-use Augmented Reality setup. Here we can show not only the amazing graphics and rendering power of Ventuz, but also the many data integration possibilities that are necessary for AR. Molden Media will provide their data management and playout solution M2Control as the management backend, camera tracking will be provided by the experts from Trackmen. 

See the Augmented Reality solution with Ventuz on the booth of Molden Media, C8432.

Additional Material
  • White Paper - Videowall Configuration Open or Close

    Ventuz has established itself as a goto solution for creating content for videowalls and multi-display setups. In many cases, such setups require the clustering of many Ventuz machines in order to bring content in high resolution on a large number of screens. In this whitepaper, we explain the workflow behind it, show you how to set up the Ventuz machines and list the additional hard and software you need. Find it here!

  • White Paper - VX Streaming Video Open or Close

    Video is everywhere nowadays, from traditional Broadcast video distribution, to online on-demand systems, to the gigantic internet video repositories like Youtube or Vimeo. Ventuz offers many ways to stream video from a multitude of sources into real-time projects and onto your presentation displays. Download this whitepaper to get an in-depth view on the workflows and pipelines for streaming video in Ventuz X!

  • White Paper - glTF 2.0 Open or Close

    glTF 2.0 has been making a lot of waves in the AV and 3D content production and authoring industry. With Ventuz release 6.1, we have implemented a glTF importer, and with 6.2 we have added full support of glTF animations. Why are we embracing the new file format? Download the whitepaper to find out!

  • Article - Merging Data and Design Open or Close

    Data: it is the source of all knowledge, the nature of information, infinitely interesting. Sadly, decades of poor presentation techniques have left audiences under the impression that data is boring, simply because it was boring to look at. As a result, we are confronted with the same question every time we are preparing any form of presentation: How do I make this look as interesting as it actually is? At Ventuz, we have given this question a lot of thought and have implemented many workflow improvements and integrations into Ventuz that are specifically aimed at the dynamic visualization of live data. Read more here!

  • Article - Live Data Visualizations in Action Open or Close

    Data Viz is a buzz word, not only in the Ventuz offices, but all across the AV industry. Big data, live data, user data – we collect data wherever we can, but bringing it into a visually appealing form and making use of it for our communications and marketing strategy is a totally different question. At NAB 2019, we are focusing on the use of live data for presentations and interactive installations. Luckily, we can draw from the experience of the Ventuz user Community and the fascinating projects they have been involved in in 2018. Here are three examples!

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