A New Stage for Zelig

Date: 5th November 2014, Event: Events
Agency: Clonwerk, Customer: Zelig
Technology: Graphic Design, Video Wall


Famous Italian comedy show uses Ventuz for massive in-studio LED installation.

Zelig is an all-time favorite in the Italian television landscape. Having been around for 18 years, the enjoyable variety show has constantly grown and therefore moved into a completely new studio for this season, which sports a massive LED installation. Ventuz is the tool of choice to manage this sophisticated setup.
The LED installation consists of a large number of LED walls with many different formats and sizes. Nonetheless the production company required the entire installation to operate as one, running in full synch with graphics transitioning smoothly from one LED wall to another or changing simultaneously on all. The agency Clonwerk used Ventuz as a control tool to manage output to the many screens and transitions between different layers of filmed content. Additionally, a live video feed can be embedded into the content.
Clonwerk chose Ventuz for this task to ensure synchronicity between all screens. Also, it was the only tool which could handle the many different resolutions easily from a single workstation.
The new season of Zelig has been on air since the beginning of October on Canal 5.
ZELIG from Clonwerk on Vimeo.