New streamlined Workflow for Broadcasters with TenFour

Date: 20th February 2014
Agency: Sonntagnacht, TenFour
Market: Broadcast, Technology: Data Visualization, Motion Graphics

German agency Sonntagnacht develops Content Management and Controlling Software for Ventuz.

Live broadcast productions are oftentimes time-critical and hectic endeavors – decisions have to be made quickly and changes can occur at any time. In order to use graphical content in live productions, you need a very streamlined workflow with a good level of automation and easy to use interfaces, so that no time is lost searching for content or functionalities.
The German agency Sonntagnacht has now developed a Content Management system and a Controlling unit that are based on the Ventuz real-time render engine. The name of this suite is TenFour. Geared at the use in broadcast studios, TenFour makes Ventuz real-time graphics accessible to operators who are not familiar with the Ventuz user interface. TenFour offers an easy to use toolbox with a multitude of presets to choose from. Operators can design both interactive and automated content by simple drag’n’drop actions.
A number of different editors offer more in depth design possibilities. Among them are elements such as crawls, charts, diagrams, text, polls and many more. Additionally, TenFour deploys connections to a multitude of data sources to populate graphics. These range from high-quality databases to live feeds, but also include a variety of file formats, such as text files and excel sheets. Naturally, TenFour is fully equipped for the implementation of Social Media Streams in a completely scalable manner. The TenFour interface is web based, which means a show rundown can be created from any place in the company – or world. To ensure recyclability and analysis, every show can be archived.
But TenFour also offers a wide variety of functionalities for in-studio installations. Thus it incorporates a setup manager for multi screen installations which allows for the easy distribution of content across a video wall.
“We have based TenFour on the Ventuz render engine, because Ventuz is the best real-time graphics tool in the market for us”, says Michael Taraschewski, CEO of Sonntagnacht. “We have created TenFour as an environment for Ventuz, which would make it possible to run entire shows of any length, complexity and format with only this package.”
Already a few major European broadcasters are planning to deploy TenFour in their local studios all across Germany. For more information visit the website of Sonntagnacht.
Video: Sonntagnacht on Vimeo.