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Ventuz Runtime

Ventuz Runtime is the output software for projects created in Ventuz Director and Designer. 

It brings with it a highly stable 3D engine for maximum performance and reliability. A variety of output options offers the perfect solution for any given task at hand: be it machine clusters for video wall setups, or VGA over IP for complex network based graphics operations. Additionally, Ventuz Runtime covers all areas of broadcast output requirements, regardless of location, output format or resolution, even 3G and 4k.

Ventuz behind the scenes setup for Porsche

Product Features

  • Native 3G/4k Output
  • SDI / dualSDI / HDSDI
  • Multi Machine Clusters
  • Machine Synchronization
  • Integrated Blending and Shaping Editor
  • Integrated Video Wall Setup Tool
  • Complex 3D Support for Projection Mapping