Safety Explained with Moving Display Installation

Date: 10th March 2016
Market: POS/POI, Technology: Interactive

When launching a new product, companies want to impress in every way possible. At the last SPS IPC Drives Convention in Nuremberg the company Schmersal, manufacturer of safety and security systems, launched their new product AZM400. To visualize the functionalities of this item in a stylish and futuristic way, they cooperated with the long-time Ventuz users of Realtime Department. They created a moving display solution which served not only as an information terminal, but also as an effective eye-catcher.

The installation consisted of a sliding door setup made of a 55” mutlitouch screen in portrait mode mounted on a moving system which allowed the visitor to slide the screen along an aluminum frame like opening and closing a door. Naturally, the new secure closing mechanism AZM400 was installed on the frame to show its workings in real-life.

If the door was left open, the screen showed animated graphics using the company’s key visual – a universe. So even if the installation was not in use, it continued to draw attention to the booth. If the door was pulled shut, the graphics changed to provide an interactive menu which allowed the visitor to browse through the product details. A special feature was the ability to operate the real AZM400 via a touch button in the menu.

The Realtime Department is known for combining mechanical systems with Ventuz animated graphics and having the two interact and exchange information. For them, one of the reasons for choosing Ventuz for these installations is the open nature of the software which allows easy data implementation and dynamic updates.