Shell Reveals Business Strategy with Holographic Presentation

Date: 22nd April 2014
Customer: Shell, Agency: Inty, Location: Moscow
Event: Presentations
Technology: Augmented Reality, Holographic, Motion Graphics, Presentation

Russian agency uses Ventuz for sophisticated holo-projection setup at five star hotel in Moscow.

When presenting future strategies, it seems only fit to use futuristic technologies to do so. Following this motto, Shell commissioned the Russian agency Inty to create a unique setup for the presentation of upcoming developments to partners and employees on February 12th in Moscow. Inty created an interactive holographic presentation with animated content, using the real-time power of Ventuz.
The installation consisted of a viZoo Free Format holographic screen and an HD projector. A radarTouch was installed for complex multi-touch navigation, however the presenters on stage preferred a more traditional approach to interactivity, using a clicker. The transition from one device to the other posed no problem to the Ventuz logic. Compelling animations kept the slides alive during longer speaking periods and the holographic projection created an immersive experience for presenters and guests alike.