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Judge it by the Work

Thanks to our amazing customers, we are able to present to you the finest Ventuz projects. Judge us not by what we tell you, judge us by the work our clients are able to realize with Ventuz.

18.12.2019 For the 20th anniversary of the Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Digital Engineering gGmbH, Burmester event- and media technology GmbH created an interactive visualisation for the Potsdam Chamber Orchestra with Ventuz. As part of a multi-hour... READ MORE
05.12.2019 Eventagrate shared a common vision with Damac Properties to interact with people, and took it one step further. From a massive LED Touch Wall, Augmented Reality on a property scale model, and a Smart Object Recognition Table, all... READ MORE
15.10.2019 Interactive presentations and workshops in media spaces are becoming increasingly popularBut rooms have limits concerning location and capacity. The more senior the participants are, the more difficult it is to bring people and room... READ MORE
Gestmusic Ventuz audiovisual game show formats
27.03.2019 Gestmusic, part of Endemol Shine Group, is one of the top TV production companies in Spain, specialized in the creation and production of audiovisual game show formats. It has been in the market for more than 30 years now, being an... READ MORE
12.03.2019 Digital media allows companies to move away from crowding their spaces with physical exhibits, and instead use technological experiences and interactive design to present their portfolio, communicate their message and entertain their... READ MORE
05.03.2019 Many things came together in the summer of 2018 in Prague: the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, the 200th anniversary of the National Museum in Prague and its grand reopening after 12 years of reconstruction. What better way to... READ MORE
06.02.2019 Just in time for our presence at ISE 2019, we have released Version 6.3 of the Ventuz Software Suite for download. With this release, we have taken a close look at pipelines and 3rd-party integrations to optimize workflows and simplify... READ MORE
10.01.2019 Live stages are some of the world’s most dynamic places. Every moment is urgent and fleeting, which might be the essence of the audience’s excitement, and every detail can be changed until just minutes before the show. The only thing that... READ MORE
20.12.2018 An increasingly popular way for companies to present their portfolio to potential clients is the showroom. They offer the possibility to communicate the brand, display products and provide visitors with detailed insight in a controlled... READ MORE
19.12.2018 Data Viz is a buzz word, not only in the Ventuz offices, but all across the AV industry. Big data, live data, user data – we collect data wherever we can, but bringing it into a visually appealing form and making use of it for our... READ MORE
10.12.2018 Our main goal when we developed Ventuz was to allow our clients to liberate their creative freedom and come up with innovative concepts that combine technologies and features from different markets to create something new. Dubai-based... READ MORE
07.12.2018 Data: it is the source of all knowledge, the nature of information, infinitely interesting. Sadly, decades of poor presentation techniques have left audiences under the impression that data is boring, simply because it was boring to look... READ MORE
03.12.2018 Because Ventuz offers a powerful set of features for the production of multitouch content, we are always keeping an eye out for new developments in this space. Recently, we received word about some new releases by our partner LANG , a... READ MORE
06.11.2018 In September of 2018, automotive manufacturer Audi hosted an event in San Francisco titled “The Charge” in order to promote electric mobility across the globe. The production duo Creators/Rayd was responsible for creating high-end real-... READ MORE
26.09.2018 The development of urban technology hubs was at the forefront of Moscow’s exhibition booth at Innoprom 2018. To find investors and attract companies to these urban technology hubs, called Technoparks, the studio Digileone was commissioned... READ MORE
03.09.2018 Well before the new FAW-VW T-Roc was launched in China, it was clear what the audience had to expect from the event: an augmented reality show. The concept had been communicated to the press, the web and the local dealership. So, the... READ MORE
22.08.2018 An airfield near Prague, 15,000 participants, seven stages featuring over 300 artists over three days and nights – this is Let It Roll Open Air. As the largest drum & bass festival in the world, the organizers have always paid much... READ MORE
26.07.2018 At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in May 2018, the City of Moscow targeted potential investors on a stylish booth packed with digital media installations. Digital studio Digileone took on this massive task and chose Ventuz... READ MORE
10.07.2018 User Generated Content and Live Streaming are primary focus points of the internet industry today. New apps are springing up left and right, and companies are coming up with ever more creative ideas to stand out from their competition. In... READ MORE
02.07.2018 In February, urban developer Eagle Hills opened a new and improved showroom in their headquarters in Abu Dhabi. With the help of agency Eventagrate, they are now able to virtually transport their clients across all development sites in... READ MORE
11.06.2018 At every trade show, companies struggle with the same issue: How do you use your limited space to present all that you have to offer? Luckily, Ventuz provides a fancy and efficient solution: the interactive product portfolio. A recent and... READ MORE
09.05.2018 The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Vietnam. Trains are packed and flights are overbooked as everyone tries to spend the holiday with family. Another thing almost everyone does is watch the New Year’s Show on the national... READ MORE
16.04.2018 The famous clock Orloj is one of Prague’s most valued monuments and a must-see for anyone visiting the Czech capital. It is over 600 years old – and naturally requires periodical check-ups and reconstructions. Which is why the Orloj was... READ MORE
04.04.2018 While we are taking our upcoming version Ventuz X all the way to Las Vegas, our partners at Ventuz China are getting ready for InfoComm in Beijing. They will present Ventuz X and its many new features to the eastern audience of... READ MORE
26.03.2018 Another year, another NAB 2018 - join us on April 9-12 in Las Vegas to see what's hot in the broadcast industry. One highlight will be on display right on our booth: our upcoming release Ventuz X. And it is packed with fantastic features... READ MORE
12.03.2018 “It’s a Win-Win for Wales”– that is the motto of the new weekly Welsh lottery program Loteri Cymru. Broadcast every Friday night at 8pm on S4C, the show donates 20% of its profits to charitable causes for local communities in Wales. The... READ MORE
26.02.2018 The multimedia and events market is fast and ever changing. Agencies are required to constantly adapt, either by expanding their portfolio, or by entering into new territories that still offer a significant chance to grow. But what does it... READ MORE
05.02.2018 We proudly present to you: Ventuz X! With this version we bring to you a load of new and fancy features, among them a new motion graphics and data viz effects suite for the visualization of mass data. Additionally, Ventuz now... READ MORE
29.01.2018 Join us on February 6-9 at this year's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We are excited to see all the new gadgets and solutions that the international AV industry has to offer. At our own booth... READ MORE
17.01.2018 It’s been a while since prime jewelry brand Cartier has focused on the Kuwait market. So in order to reconnect with their customers and also to introduce the new collection Cactus de Cartier, the impact had to be significant. With the help... READ MORE
14.12.2017 The year is coming to an end, but there is already reason to look forward to 2018: Cabsat. Yes, once again we will be present at this prime technology show in Dubai, taking place from January 14th to 16th.  On display will be many... READ MORE
05.12.2017 Patrick’s unique design work has embellished the stages and showrooms of some of the most prestigious Ventuz gigs worldwide – the Qatar Fifa Bid, the Telstra Showroom in Australia, and many enormous events with royalty in the audience. He... READ MORE
22.11.2017 It is the Mount Everest of digital visualizations, a Star Trek-induced childhood dream, the ultimate challenge: the hologram. Although a true hologram has not yet been realized, there are many workarounds and approximations. One incredibly... READ MORE
17.11.2017 Sinha grew up in her father’s special display company and has been surrounded by multimedia devices and interactive installations since her childhood. We asked her about coming of age in the media technology industry, her experiences as a... READ MORE
06.11.2017 A stereotype says that all Indian parents want their children to become doctors. The first ever Jaipur Festival of Education, held in August 2017, proved that this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. During this three-day event, Gems... READ MORE
 Jorge Enueve ask the artist teaser image
25.10.2017 Jorge Enueve is a graphic design expert and visual artist who might be best known in the Ventuz world for his work with holographic projections. His many projects have brought him all around the globe, but he has recently built a home in... READ MORE
16.10.2017 We’re getting ready for Moscow, are you? Meet us at NATEXPO 2017, where we will be found in the Bavaria area from October 25, 10am to October 27, 4pm. We will give you an insight into our newest developments in on-air graphics workflows.... READ MORE
bbc moderator in front of touch screen commenting the nfl
05.10.2017 One would not think that there is a lot of interest in the UK for American Football, but the BBC knows better. Indeed, they are dedicating two sports broadcasts to this year’s NFL season with “NFL This Week” on BBC Two and “The NFL Show”... READ MORE
On screen graphics adac 45. race ranking
26.09.2017 It is a season highlight and an event of enormous proportions: the annual 24h Race at the famous Nordschleife at Nurburgring, Germany. Four days of celebration, 180 cars, up to four drivers per team, and 24 hours on the road - tough and... READ MORE
Moscow Urban Forum hanging projection cube above the installation
13.09.2017 If there is one thing that artists from all over the world agree on, it is that they can do their best work when they are given as much creative freedom as possible. An impressive example for this could be observed at this year’s Moscow... READ MORE
ventuz booth trade fair
23.08.2017 As social media integration and data visualization become more effective in China, Ventuz Technology will demonstrate the enormous potential of their real-time graphics software in this area suite at BIRTV 2017. The main application on the... READ MORE
hashim goodsir banner
24.07.2017 For over ten years, Hashim has been a vital part of the British real-time graphics scene. As the main Ventuz Designer at Spotted Zebra, he has created projects for both the broadcast as well as the presentation and events market. We sat... READ MORE
Interactive Ventuz Application using Conductive Ink
14.07.2017 Even in our digital world, where everyone believes to have seen everything, there are still ways to render an audience speechless. Those who come up with these innovative ideas are companies that leave enough room for creativity, allowing... READ MORE
Ice Hockey World Championship Projection Poster
04.07.2017 Court projections have become a popular pastime in the United States, where teams and their stadiums compete not only for trophies, but also for the hottest show before, after, and during breaks of the games. In Europe, court projections... READ MORE
Backdrop video wall for Mass Communication Organization of Thailand
29.06.2017 MCOT stands for Mass Communication Organization of Thailand, and the name says it all. With over 50 radio stations and two digital television channels, MCOT delivers news and entertainment across the entire country, even to the most remote... READ MORE
Roy C. Anthony presenting
23.06.2017 We are thrilled to announce that Roy C. Anthony, a leading figure in the digital creative world, joins Ventuz Technology AG. For over twenty years Roy has been a force of innovation in fields ranging from VR, film, event and staging... READ MORE
Telefilm Vietnam broadcast graphics invitation poster
30.05.2017 We are bringing our newest Release 5.3 to the far East. Meet us in Saigon, Vietnam for Telefilm, June 8-10. Let us show you the easy creation of highly dynamic, well-designed broadcast graphics using Ventuz Director.If you want to set up a... READ MORE
Eventagrade Dubai Exhibition Award Ceremony 2016 Projection Surface made with Ventuz
29.05.2017 When we think of superlatives, we think of Dubai. The tallest building in the world, the largest mass of man-made islands, luxury and innovation – there might be no other place in the world, where the concentration of greatness is as... READ MORE
7 Dwarfs logo United Arab Emirates
23.05.2017 Ventuz Technology and 7Dwarfs have signed a Solution Partner Agreement. The newly founded company is a provider of advanced technical services specializing in IT and AV solutions for Broadcast, Media and Event. 7Dwarfs’ range of... READ MORE
Ask the artist: Thomas Heinrich avatar figure pixelated
17.05.2017 Thomas Heinrich is a long-time Ventuz Artist and co-founder of Glare Productions and Glare Technologies. He has gained a reputation as an apt artist and animator, but is also known for creating plug-ins for Ventuz, such as the very popular... READ MORE
Teaser Poster Broadcast Asia International Digital Multimedia & Entertainment Technology Exhibition and Conference
03.05.2017 We just returned from Las Vegas and are right off to Singapore. Meet us at Broadcast Asia, where we will be exhibiting on the joint booth of the Federal Republic of Germany. Our newest developments in on-air graphics workflows will be on... READ MORE
Ask the artist: Andreas Heinrich portrait photo
30.03.2017 Andreas is the founder and CEO of the Munich-based company Cliparts.de, experts in the field of game show infrastructure and graphics services. They have been responsible for many beloved shows, such as “The Price is Right”,... READ MORE
interactive projection wall showing the city traffic
16.03.2017 Many creatives dream of the day when they will be able to advise an entire project from concept to finish, instead of just turning their individual little wheel. For Moscow-based agency Inty, this dream has already come true. With a team... READ MORE
poster ventuz powered by 7 dwarfs virtualization for on-air air graphics touch screens post-production
06.03.2017 And once again we are off to Dubai to show you what Ventuz can do for your broadcasting needs. We have a few new features in store, as well as a number of recent success stories of on-air and in-studio applications.We will be accompanied... READ MORE
LED real time projection wall showing the screens of 40 tv stations for the spring festival China tvmining
22.02.2017 The Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. Networks across the country create special programs during this time, many of them designed for viewer participation, resulting in massive amounts of data that need to... READ MORE
football on 5 channel five interactive broadcast graphic
09.02.2017 Once again British agency Mammoth Graphics has used the Ventuz software suite to equip a football studio with a telestrator application that offers interactive insight into games and players. The program is called “Football on 5... READ MORE
LG press conference February 2017 broadcast graphics wall
02.02.2017 The future is in your household – that is the vision of leading IT company LG. Their press conference at this year’s CES in Las Vegas was all about the Internet of Things and how it can make our everyday lives easier. A... READ MORE
Multitaction Tablet showing Nissen Portfolio by Moov
19.01.2017 At last year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt, Danish manufacturer Nissens A/S used two high-end touch tables by MultiTaction to show their enormous products & services portfolio in a futuristic fashion. The digital agency Moov who... READ MORE
Fashion show Boccaccio Bohemia 3D backdrop realtime graphics
20.12.2016 “Better to be sorry about what we have experienced than what we haven’t!” – quite the motto that fashion designer Natali Ruden chose for her fashion show on November 9th at the Boccaccio Bohemia Hotel in Prague. No... READ MORE
Veolia Ventuz
15.12.2016 Water is only one of the many fields in which Veolia operates. Yet they chose it as the theme for the central installation at their booth at SMCL 2016 in Paris. Agency Virtual Stage Studio created a cylindric projection in combination with... READ MORE
Citroen c3 product presentation Slovakia Trnava LED Backdrop
08.12.2016 Car manufacturer Citroën calls its bestselling model C3 a vehicle with distinctive design and a colorful personality. So when they launched The New Citroën C3 this fall at the PSA Trnava Plant in Slovakia, they chose a special Ventuz... READ MORE
VW Paris Motor Show Ventuz
01.12.2016 Paris Motor Show is a chance for the big players in the automotive industry to present their strategy for the upcoming year. VW took this opportunity to present their design approach in the era of digitalization across all car brands.... READ MORE
Ventuz Eric C&C
24.11.2016 Eric C&C is one of two companies in South Korea who operate Ventuz, catering to the many needs of a highly sophisticated technology market. We met with Poly Kim, Leb Bae and Geon Lee of Eric C&C to talk about uniqueness of the... READ MORE
Linde Gas Touchscreen App
17.11.2016 At this year’s Glasstech, the international trade fair for glass production, processing and products, the company Linde Gas presented their line of melting furnace and other glass processing technologies. To bring their large amount... READ MORE
Wide screen video backdrop wall blue and white graphics
07.11.2016 A growing Ad Tech company, who is an expert in brand advertising, decided to take their own event up a notch this year from the standard projection surface set-up. For their 2016 User Conference, which took place this fall in Lake Tahoe,... READ MORE
3D presentation table of the campus for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2024
03.11.2016 Big impressions on a small space – that is the essential challenge faced by every Olympic Bid City during the Games Season. At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the candidates for the 2024 games, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest,... READ MORE
Moderator using touchscreen functions of the interactive broadcast graphics software to show and comment on a football game snippet
25.10.2016 True football fans are data crazy. So it is no wonder that sports TV centers around analysis and data visualization, always looking for new and slick ways to put their information into appealing graphics. Chelsea TV at Stamford Bridge... READ MORE
Hyundai Showroom displaying peaceful landscape images using LED panels
20.10.2016 The new showroom of Hyundai in Seoul, which is called Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam, was opened to the public in September 2016 with a big blast. Located in a highly sophisticated country when it comes to digital media, the showroom features... READ MORE
Children participating in the interactive game visualized using Ventuz at the European Week of Sport
13.10.2016 In early September, the city of Madrid took part in the European Week of Sport, an international event for the promotion of sports and physical activity. Many companies were involved in the festivities, among them the electric company... READ MORE
Jeopardy broadcast graphics RTL plus game show studio
05.10.2016 The recently launched channel RTL Plus concentrates on bringing back classic TV shows, movies and game shows from the 80s and 90s. After its launch on June 4th, the channel started the live-to-tape productions of four major game show... READ MORE
Ask the Artist Daniel Hoelscher Banner Picture car
28.09.2016 Daniel Hoelscher is an innovation expert and head of the recently established PRG Lab. We sat down with him and spoke about how he structures the innovative process, technological maturity and the importance of looking outside the box.... READ MORE
VR Virtual Reality Lab presentation in cooperation with Xlab Prague
01.09.2016 Everything is about the Virtual Reality these days, so it is about time for us to introduce you to our handcrafted full Virtual Reality integration that will be available with the next update of Ventuz 5. You can get a sneek peak at IBC... READ MORE
Market America 24th Annual International Convention side view of the stage projection walls
31.08.2016 On August 4-7, retail giant Market America, owner of the well-known domain SHOP.COM, celebrated its 24th Annual International Convention at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The 4-day event was produced by Ashley... READ MORE
Ask the Artist Oliver Grimm teaser picture
29.08.2016 Oliver Grimm, CEO of Munich based Rayd GmbH, was part of the first production team to ever work with Ventuz and has been an essential member of the Ventuz circus for almost 15 years. He spoke to us about the evolution of the software, the... READ MORE
Chef Convention backdrop wall graphics
02.08.2016 The annual convention for the DevOps company, Chef, took place in one of the most artistic cities in the US: Austin, Texas. Good Company Communications produced the event and designed the staging and content - commissioning Meru... READ MORE
Audi HQ Ingolstadt projection walls in the main plaza using Ventuz 5
28.07.2016 Here is one of the very first projects realized using Ventuz 5. For the launch of the new A5/S5 Coupé models, automotive manufacturer Audi turned the main plaza of their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany into a massive media projection... READ MORE
Broadcast graphics showing the timer for each candidate's turn
19.07.2016 The need for reelections in Spain resulted in a second presidential debate which took place on June 13th. This time, the four main candidates to be the president of the country took part: Mariano Rajoy - PP, Pedro Sanchez - PSOE, Pablo... READ MORE
Vivaldianno backdrop projection wall blue
12.07.2016 The new show Vivaldianno is a magnificent combination of classical music, pop sounds and sophisticated stage projections. Based on the life story and musical opus of Antonio Vivaldi, the concert event features famous musicians from all... READ MORE
Logo Pix2Win
05.07.2016 Audiences love to participate. At many live events, producers make an effort to create ways in which visitors can get active, leave valuable information and take the excitement home with them. Multilot AS, a lottery technology and concepts... READ MORE
Ask the Artist Daniela Denesova Teaser Image
30.06.2016 Daniela, who is better known under her stage name Deja VJ, has worked as a visual artist and designer for well over ten years. Her talent has brought her all the way from the Prague underground club scene to prestigious television shows.... READ MORE
Tipping Point Community LED Wall showing mood setting graphic of skyscraper landscape
28.06.2016 The Tipping Point Community is an organization based in San Francisco, USA, that fights poverty in the Bay Area. For their annual fundraiser, which took place on May 5th at the Bill Graham Auditorium, lead agency E2k hired agency 3monkeys... READ MORE
GhosT-OLED Display from Lang AG transparent
21.06.2016 At ISE 2016, Lang AG introduced their new GhosT-OLED display, a completely transparent interactive screen. The agency REALTIME DEPARTMENT was asked to create an installation to visualize the vast potential of this technology in a playful... READ MORE
Salesforce World Tour Information Stand
16.06.2016 When Salesforce goes on tour, be sure to prepare for something big. At the Washington DC stop of their World Tour 2016, they invited visitors to enjoy their keynote speeches in an immersive media room. Meru Interactive used Ventuz to wrap... READ MORE
Aldar Cityscape background projection wall picture collage
14.06.2016 Feeling at home on an exhibition floor – a goal well achieved by Aldar Properties at this year’s Cityscape in Abu Dhabi, where they presented their new family friendly development project Yas Acres. With the help of agencies... READ MORE
Ifa global market event invitation poster
07.06.2016 From April 17th to 20th, IFA Berlin hosted the IFA Global Press Conference, an international press event held in Hong Kong. Ventuz customer Realtime Department was commissioned by lead agency Ma*Ma Production GmbH to create a real-time... READ MORE
Real time display of informative pop-ups from CNS
02.06.2016 Big data is the number one topic of our time, and our customers are seeing increased interest by corporations to translate the vast amounts of data into appealing visuals. Chinese agency Twinflag was recently asked by China News Service (... READ MORE
Logo Ventuz Academy
30.05.2016 We are taking Ventuz 5 across the pond with a series of trainings. Between late July and late August we will be hosting four-day Ventuz 5 workshops in New York City and Los Angeles – making sure to cover both sides of the continent.... READ MORE
Holo cube LED Room Korea Seoul
26.05.2016 South Korea is a world leader when it comes to information technology. In 2012, the country launched the Giga Korea Project, an initiative to provide broadband internet connections for every citizen until 2020. To celebrate this project,... READ MORE
Sebastian Spiegl green grid graphic projection wall
18.05.2016 Sebastian Spiegl has been a part of the Ventuz circus for a whole decade and ranks among the most sought after players in the business. Among his customers are a number of automotive companies, media providers and service agencies. He... READ MORE
Multitouch interactive screen displaying woman in hanbok
10.05.2016 Refashioning Korean Culture – that was the motto of an exhibition launched at the Korean Culture Center New York in September last year. To keep the production close to home, the Korean agency Eric C&C was hired to create a... READ MORE
Game graphics displaying the player score
03.05.2016 After German TV megastar Stefan Raab ended his career last year with the final episode of his successful game show Schlag den Raab, the first episode of the spin-off Schlag den Star was aired on April 9th with respectable ratings –... READ MORE
Opel Selfie Jump Photo Booth
29.04.2016 Photo booths have been a popular installation on many exhibition stands over the last few years. At IAA in Frankfurt, car manufacturer Opel took this concept to a new level with the ‘Opel Selfie Jump’ that featured not only one... READ MORE
Ask the Artist CJ Davis teaser image
26.04.2016 CJ Davis is the Creative Director of US based company Quince Imaging, a specialist in court projections and other large-scale media installations. They have created projects for a number of NBA and NHL teams as well as corporate and public... READ MORE
Volvo roadshow multi-sensory installation tracing car modell tracks
05.04.2016 It is the essential question every brand faces: How do we reach our audience. In 2015, automotive company Volvo chose a different path to achieve this goal. Instead of exhibiting at IAA, Germany’s largest auto show, Volvo created a... READ MORE
2016 FIS Ski World Cup DPG Backdrop
05.04.2016 The DPG – short for Dynamic Playground – is a mobile interactive sponsor board that is aimed at offering additional media content for sports and entertainment broadcasts. Developed by Carl Group, a long-time Ventuz customer,... READ MORE
Logo Nab Show
30.03.2016 Software developer Ventuz Technology will demo the final version of the recently released Ventuz 5 at NAB 2016. The newest generation of the real-time graphics solution offers enhanced usability and improved design functionalities.Graphics... READ MORE
12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony augmented reality video display
24.03.2016 After the impressive success of the 11th CCTV Sports Awards, which were decorated with the PORMAX BDA 2015 Gold Award, the agency Hunters was commissioned to also provide on-air broadcast graphics for the 12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony,... READ MORE
Ask the Artist Dennis Schäfer Teaser Image
22.03.2016 Dennis Schäfer has gained a reputation as a leading designer and Ventuz Artist at the German agency Stereolize and as cofounder of the agency 2RISE. Although he is still in his 20s, he has travelled the world and worked on some of the most... READ MORE
Players interacting with the touch screen graphic at Avengers Gameshow
17.03.2016 Los Vengadores en Acción (The Avengers in Action) is the name of a popular game show which aired 13 episodes from September to December 2015 on Spanish Disney Channel. Each episode had three family teams compete against each other in a... READ MORE
Ventuz 5 teaser image
15.03.2016 Finally, the day has arrived: Ventuz 5 is officially ready for shipping. You are more than welcome to download the Personal Learning Edition and see for yourself how Ventuz 5 will revolutionize the way you work.Download Ventuz 5 PLE now!... READ MORE
Touch interactive visualization of  AZM400
10.03.2016 When launching a new product, companies want to impress in every way possible. At the last SPS IPC Drives Convention in Nuremberg the company Schmersal, manufacturer of safety and security systems, launched their new product AZM400. To... READ MORE
IoTWF interactive floor plan graphic
08.03.2016 At the third Internet of Things World Forum held in Dubai Design District, hosted by no other than Cisco Systems, the agency EventAgratE was asked to develop a Ventuz powered big data installation. The goal of the event is to explore this... READ MORE
Audi h-Tron backdrop wall title display
03.03.2016 At NAIAS 2016, the North American International Auto Show which took place in Detroit in January, automobile manufacturer Audi demonstrated their innovative spirit by inviting Captain Eugene Cernan on stage at their official press... READ MORE
Multitouch Table at Mining and Geological Museum of Apatite
01.03.2016 Apatite, the world’s largest producer of high-grade phosphate ore, entrusted the update of its Mining and Geological Museum to the agency MediaVision. An unusual interactive installation created with Ventuz is amongst the new... READ MORE
Gurur Duy Turkiye multimedia presentation software
23.02.2016 Turkish TV network Turksat recently launched its new communication satellite “TURKSAT 4B”. To celebrate this event, the network held its “Satellite, Space and Technology Days powered by TURKSAT” with the world... READ MORE
LED wall projection showing 3D visuals of the new electric Audi model
18.02.2016 At last fall’s IAA in Frankfurt, Germany, the automotive giant Audi introduced their newest line of electrically powered cars. The press conference featured an enormous LED wall installation with real cars mounted onto the screens.... READ MORE
Chinese broadcast avenue of stars backdrop graphic broadcast on air
16.02.2016 After over a decade in which Chinese broadcaster CCTV has hosted the high-ranking talent show Avenue of Stars, the producers decided to give the 2016 edition a new twist. They hired the agency TVM to enhance the interactive voting... READ MORE
Studio backdrop wall for spanish elections 2015
09.02.2016 In December, the Spanish people went into what proved to be a subversive election period. With a lot of controversy and varying visions for the country, the opposing candidates made an effort to communicate their agendas to the public in... READ MORE
closeup of visitor using the touch presentation to display information on screen
02.02.2016 Interactive technology offers great opportunities for museums not only to offer more viewer participation, but also to save costs. While the initial investment might be a hurdle, later on multimedia technologies allow for the quick and... READ MORE
airbus showroom display column LED displaying atmospheric mood animations
26.01.2016 At Paris Air Show in 2015, Airbus provided visitors to their booth with a new approach to media installations, not only going larger than ever before, but also putting emphasis on offering the right information in real-time. Supported by... READ MORE
Shangdong SNTON Steel Cord displaying live data from production translated into graphics
19.01.2016 In order to manage a large enterprise efficiently, a lot of data from many different sources needs to be gathered and analyzed. Keeping a good overview is not always easy, and certainly visualization technologies help to understand where... READ MORE
Engage Prague 3D geometrical background wall with light projection in pink and blue hues
12.01.2016 Engage Conference is one of the leading events in the social media industry. Traditionally held in Prague, the 2015 edition counted 1,000 visitors, 50 speakers, 25 workshops, 15,000 tweets and 6,000 live streams. After such a success, the... READ MORE
An employer of Childrens' Amusement Park in Shenzhen introducing a young visitor to Ventuz technologies
07.01.2016 It is all about electronics in Shenzhen, the Chinese boomtown where new technologies are developed and produced at breakneck speed. Even the smallest are introduced early on to the wonders of the electronic world, as for example in the... READ MORE
RTL Charity marathon graphic displaying donations amount in real time
29.12.2015 The annual Charity Marathon hosted by European broadcast giant RTL is a well-established TV event in Germany. This year, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the program decided to upgrade its in-studio installations. Cliparts.TV Interactive... READ MORE
Exhibition at Villa Contarini showing the interactive floor graphics and projected informations on the curved screen
21.12.2015 There are only very few things in the world that reflect luxury and class quite as much as an Italian villa. But what few people know is that they are rich in history, a formidable example of architectural movements and display some of the... READ MORE
the TD Auto Finance booth at the NADA Exhibition in black and green design
16.12.2015 The most valuable thing a company can gather at an exhibition is information about their customers. Not only does it give them better opportunities to reach out to potential clients, it also allows them to personalize marketing and thereby... READ MORE
TVMining receiving PromaxBDA Award for most innovative use of CCTV
10.12.2015 Chinese Agency TVMining recently received a PromaxBDA Award for their Ventuz powered production of media content and installations for the CCTV Sports Awards Ceremony which took place on February 1st. Throughout the world, the PromaxBDA... READ MORE
maydan booth with several exhibits
08.12.2015 In Dubai, it is all about real-estate. Meydan Group, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's very own development endeavor, is setting new standards for housing, sport venues, shopping areas and event locations to make Dubai the... READ MORE
Alibaba shopping frenzy a display showing revenue in real time
30.11.2015 On November 11th, the Chinese shopping giant Alibaba held its seventh annual Shopping Festival Day. First launched in 2009, this event invites people from all over the world to visit the Alibaba website and mobile apps to participate in a... READ MORE
virtual moon landing during the mid-autumn festival celebration
29.10.2015 The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in China and is celebrated all over the country. Chinese public network CCTV3 2015 celebrated the festival with a Ventuz powered Virtual Reality installation realized by agency... READ MORE
Almaty interactive presentation with touch organisation tools
27.10.2015 For the Candidate City Presentations to the Winter Olympic Games 2022, the Spanish agency Pictures That Move produced a series of presentations and touchscreen app’s for the Kazakh city of Almaty.A main element of the campaign was an... READ MORE
India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun Game show studio with contestant pictures on backdrop walls
22.10.2015 The internationally acclaimed game show format 'Who's asking' has made its way to India. Running under the name 'India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun', the show was aired for the first time this year on the newly launched... READ MORE
Screenshot of the ventuz online store
24.09.2015 The new Ventuz Store is officially online now. It was developed by our partners from Glare Productions with help and input from our side. It will serve as a space for clients to offer their designs, scenes and plug-ins for download and... READ MORE
Gli italiani hanno sempre ragione game show logo
17.09.2015 Viewer participation is an important topic for broadcasting in the 21st century. Increasingly, networks develop new show formats to make the viewer at home an active part of the TV experience. An effective way to do so is with mobile apps.... READ MORE
Projecting the story of the city of Siena on the cathedral facade
07.09.2015 This summer, the city of Siena in Italy is celebrating its glorious history. Every night, the Piazza del Duomo is lit up by a Ventuz powered projection mapping installation on the city's old cathedral. The project was created by... READ MORE
Ventuz 5 logo
26.08.2015 Software developer Ventuz Technology today announced the launch of Ventuz 5, the newest generation of its renowned real-time 3D graphics software suite. Ventuz 5 introduces increased performance and a wide variety of features and changes... READ MORE
Marmarapark mall
03.08.2015 It's been a long time since a trip to the shopping center was just about shopping. Malls have become places of entertainment where people find many ways to spend leisure time and have fun. The shopping center Marmarapark in Istanbul,... READ MORE
visitors using the breken touchtable
30.07.2015 Everyone who has ever traveled knows the number one rule to follow when on the road: pack light. For traveling exhibitions this rule is a bit harder to obey, since every item on display is essential to the educational value of the show.... READ MORE
VW Backdrop wall graphics presenting the new car modell
08.07.2015 On the evening of the Geneva International Motorshow 2015, VW gathered their management and select press to present their newest developments. Following the motto "Moving Technology", the agency United Vision equipped the stage with ten... READ MORE
moderator introducing players using on-screen broadcast graphics
02.07.2015 Ventuz has always been a prime choice for broadcasters to advance their in-studio setups. Be it video walls, interactive applications or virtual reality, additional graphics elements can greatly improve information flow and viewer... READ MORE
Eurovision Dance competition projection of mood graphics brown texture
25.06.2015 The Eurovision Young Dancers competition is a biannual event with a long tradition. Hosted by the European Broadcasting Union, the show features performers between the ages of 16 and 21. A jury of professional dancers picks the winner... READ MORE
Light projection on the red building lightning strike
11.06.2015 The University of Anhalt has been one of the first educational institutions to add Ventuz to their curriculum. The young Ventuzians there have recently put their skills to the test and created a sophisticated projection mapping project to... READ MORE
3D excite live event start sharp background graphics
10.06.2015 3DExcite Live is an annual inhouse conference hosted by software and design company 3DExcite, a member of the Dessault Systèmes family and formerly known as RTT. This is where the company launches new products and shows their newest... READ MORE
presenter listing out inhalator kinds
02.06.2015 There are things you cannot adequately show with a simple PowerPoint presentation. When the Greek branch office of world leading pharmaceutical company GSK approached their 2015 annual corporate meeting, they quickly came to this... READ MORE
Milestone timeline showing the milestones of Abu Dhabi transport police
26.05.2015 As part of the wider Gulf Safety Week held in March, Abu Dhabi Police ran a driving safety awareness campaign. Working with Al Sayegh Media, Three Monkeys conceived and delivered two thought-provoking interactive installations powered by... READ MORE
Dubai Healtcare City venue 360 wall display
12.05.2015 Three Monkeys were asked by PRG/Gearhouse to design and produce all main event screen content at the recent launch of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Phase 2. The event took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in the presence of HH Sheikh... READ MORE
elegant purple watercolor design showing menu for the presidential luncheon
07.05.2015 For the ASEAN - Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit in Busan, the Presidents' Luncheon was equipped with a Ventuz powered Media Table Installation using RFID and hidden displays.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN - Republic... READ MORE
entuz Experts Teaser Image
29.04.2015 The event industry is heavily influenced by highly specialized freelance workers who are hired on project basis. Through this strategy, clients make sure to secure the right know-how for each project, depending on the requirements at hand... READ MORE
Ventuz Showreel Teaser Image
23.04.2015 Here are some examples of the presentation and event projects our customers have been able to realize using our 3D realtime software Ventuz. READ MORE
Cinema 4D teaser image
22.04.2015 With the growing complexity of multimedia projects in the events and broadcast industry, workflows require the usage of a wide variety of toolsets. This results in a fragmentation of the workload into different stages, each featuring an... READ MORE
3D car graphic with lightning
01.04.2015 We love it when the crowd adds to the awesomeness that is the Ventuz software suite with their own developments. Glare Productions have done just that in the form of shaders, physics and much more.The skilled team of programmers from Glare... READ MORE
stage setup for cctv sports awards fiery backdrop graphics
16.03.2015 After one decade of hosting the Sports Awards Ceremony, CCTV enhances the show with a live Chat integration to allow viewer participation.The CCTV Sports Awards are a highly prestigious event which attracts the entire Chinese sports elite... READ MORE
ventuz billboards in the stadium
10.03.2015 Etihad Stadium in Manchester equips their Jumbo Screens and LED Ribbon Screens with new graphics system running on the real-time software Ventuz. The new system offers increased flexibility, sophisticated 3D graphics as well as a full... READ MORE
Pointless split screen contestant closeup shot
25.02.2015 Since its premiere on BBC back in 2009, the game show Pointless has been an all time favorite for British TV viewers. Broadcast technology provider Kinetic Pixel, who is in charge of all in-studio graphics installations on this show,... READ MORE
presenter on stage video real time transmission on backdrop wall
19.02.2015 German telecommunication enterprise Telefonica starts off the year with an extravagant B2B event. The agency stereolize provided Ventuz driven presentation graphics for the entire evening. Telefonica is one of Europe’s largest... READ MORE
moderator with backdrop LED screen showing the logo of the show
12.02.2015 Chinese TV show Law In Action enhances its studio with interactive LED video wall including social media integration. Since 1999, the daily TV show Law in Action has been an important element of Chinese network BTV’s program. With... READ MORE
Adidas 3D graphics projection fluorescent grid
10.02.2015 Adidas Central Europe East equips Brand Day with massive projection mapping installation. There are companies in this world that simply don’t do ordinary: those who are not satisfied with staying at the pulse of time but who dictate... READ MORE
LED wall screen showing tweets in real time on a background image of New York panorama
04.02.2015 German agency Carl Konferenz- & Eventtechnik releases social media management application send ON SCREEN® for the events and presentation market. Social media is still an important buzz word in the media industry. Increasingly... READ MORE
projection mapping of photos on a cube statue installation for Samsung Anniversary
19.01.2015 Samsung Electronics celebrated their 44th anniversary with a multimedia pavilion featuring interactive installations and projection mapping. On the occasion of their 44th anniversary, Samsung Electronics rewarded their employees with... READ MORE
shot of the whole installation before the exhibition displaying the airbus symposium logo
15.01.2015 For their Internal Commercial Symposium 2014 in Toulouse, aviation industry leader Airbus used a sophisticated projection mapping setup to enhance the main presentation. The installation was based on the real-time graphics software Ventuz... READ MORE
touch frame displaying a collage of photos
12.12.2014 Video wall installation uses shift-display technology to show five different presentations.  When our customers join forces for a project, we can always expect some outstanding work. This is especially true for an installation... READ MORE
an airplane turbine proudly placed amidst LED screens displaying mood graphics and information boxes
02.12.2014 French-American turbine manufacturer CFM International turns exhibition pavilion into an interactive, gesture controlled experience.  Some companies bring a little pop-up stand to an exhibition. Others build entire pavilions to... READ MORE
3D globe graphic on the 3D multi-touch information terminal
18.11.2014 Ventuz powers information terminal on the stand of NITA at the World Air Traffic Management Congress in Madrid. NITA - New Information Technologies in Aviation, LLC – is specialized in the development and production of aviation... READ MORE
backdrop led walls showing mood picture of calm landscape lake forest
13.11.2014 SEFCU equips their new headquarter in Albany with a sophisticated interactive setup. For their new headquarter in Albany, New York, SEFCU wanted to put into reality the bank of the future. They commissioned the agency stereolize to... READ MORE
vistor displaying an information box about the pipeline using the touch table
12.11.2014 Headquarter of Druzhba oil pipeline uses Ventuz for media installation in their newly opened museum. The Druzhba oil pipeline is one of the largest pipeline networks in the world and crucial for the fossil fuel supply of many European... READ MORE
Nanjing Logo front view
06.11.2014 Opening Ceremony of the Youth Olympics 2014 in Nanjing features virtual graphics created with Ventuz. China knows how to celebrate. The sheer size of the country, the vast number of citizens, tremendous cities, long rivers, and the... READ MORE
Zelig comedians on stage with logo on the backdrop LED walls
05.11.2014 Famous Italian comedy show uses Ventuz for massive in-studio LED installation. Zelig is an all-time favorite in the Italian television landscape. Having been around for 18 years, the enjoyable variety show has constantly grown and... READ MORE
Moderator presenting in front of camera
22.10.2014 Republic of Kazakhstan uses interactive Ventuz installation to visualize the country’s future. In October, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan invited economic experts from all over the world to join him at the Transformation... READ MORE
backdrop displaying the logo of qatar airways
21.10.2014 Stage presentation with projection mapping is shown at two occasions by Qatar Airways. It is always an honor when a customer is so happy with a presentation that they want to reuse it at a second event. This just happened to... READ MORE
countdown of instrument systems farewell video
14.10.2014 Instrument Systems sends former CEO into retirement with a farewell dinner gala, supported by a large Ventuz presentation. When a beloved boss leaves a company, a great gesture is needed to bid farewell in an appropriate manner. For... READ MORE
work it rock it 3d promo picture
09.10.2014 With a large projection, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sets the stage for this year’s IAA in Hannover. Work it! Rock it! That was the motto of the Volkswagen kick-off event at IAA for commercial vehicles in Hannover, which took place... READ MORE
happy valley venue with huge projection screens on the top and touch tables for the visitors to use
20.09.2014 Children can color their own fish via touchscreens and bring them onto large projection wall. The Happy Valley amusement park chain is incredibly popular in China with seven locations all over the country. The park in Shanghai has now... READ MORE
enigma complex background graphics geometrical cubes grey hues
16.09.2014 The Enigma Show, produced by Filmmaster Events for Cinecittà World, features massive projection with dancers and artists. Ventuz is used for all mapping and blending purposes. Cinecittà World, located in Rome, is part of the famous... READ MORE
Nanjing Logo front view
10.09.2014 The Youth Olympics in Nanjing set a new standard with an Opening Ceremony of incredible proportions. The central element was an augmented reality graphics setup powered by Ventuz. The Opening Ceremony of the Youth Olympics in Nanjing... READ MORE
1 2 oder 3 backdrop wall broadcast graphics
04.09.2014 Popular German Children’s Game Show Counts on Ventuz for Graphics and Video Wall Control. 1, 2 oder 3 is considered the first children’s game show on German television. Initially aired in 1977, it has been around for over 36 years... READ MORE
jumping moderator graphic studio
22.08.2014 Cliparts.TV Uses Ventuz for Famous Game Show’s Graphics Package. The single most famous German game show of all time was called Dalli Dalli and was on air from 1971 until 1986. A total of 153 shows featured celebrities competing... READ MORE
moderator comparing several moments from football game
20.08.2014 Massive video wall in CCTV’s FIFA World Cup Studio displays social network content and live videos. The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil was the number one television event of this summer, attracting an enormous audience worldwide and... READ MORE
graphic showing ranking of a selfie
19.08.2014 Interactive Ventuz based solution BLINK! allows customers to upload, share and vote on event pictures. The Spanish agency Pictures that Move has developed a stand-alone, Ventuz based installation called BLINK! that invites visitors at... READ MORE
Communique Awards venue dining area with view of the stage backdrop video wall
07.08.2014 Ventuz powers projection graphics and video streaming for the Communiqué Awards. When PMGroup, producers of the Communiqué Awards, wanted something special for their 2014 awards, their agency "Production Bureau" knew exactly who to... READ MORE
informative slide in the interactive game for children
31.07.2014 Educational program uses interactive Ventuz application to teach children about climate and energy revolution. Our climate is an important topic, even for the smallest of us. But in order to familiarize children with the complex... READ MORE
hologram of geometrical shapes aep russia
02.07.2014 AEP Russia shows off nuclear power facilities with high-end holographic presentation and Microsoft Surface application. On April 17th, leaders of the nuclear power industry met at the President Hotel in Moscow to exchange the latest... READ MORE
tunnytech touch screen
05.06.2014 Ventuz to boost business in China by entering into an exclusive partnership with media technology distributor TunnyTech, a member of OneZero Group Beijing, who will manage all sales and business development activities in the area. ... READ MORE
bboy dancer posing on stage in front of dynamic metropolitan backdrop graphic
04.06.2014 For their appearance at the Fensterbau Frontale in Nurnberg, Germany, Profine turned their booth into a show stage with dancers, performers and a huge media installation. Fensterbau Frontale, which took place in March, is Profine’s... READ MORE
pr report awards promo image
27.05.2014 4k real-time projection offers perfect flexibility for prestigious award ceremony On April 10th, the 2014 PR Report Awards were held at an unusual location: an old power plant in the middle of Berlin. The agency mindstroem was hired... READ MORE
sochi medal count wall displaying country flags and number of medals
28.04.2014 The medal count presents one of the essentials for both Winter Olympics and Paralympics and always assures worldwide media and public frenzy.The athletes’ and countries’ competition to score one of the top five ranks was converted by... READ MORE
shell infographics displayed via hologram
22.04.2014 Russian agency uses Ventuz for sophisticated holo-projection setup at five star hotel in Moscow. When presenting future strategies, it seems only fit to use futuristic technologies to do so. Following this motto, Shell commissioned... READ MORE
presenters at the volvo exhibition
03.04.2014 Volvo Russia uses Ventuz for automotive presentation to launch the new Volvo Concept Coupé. For the introduction of the new Volvo Concept Coupé in Moscow, the Russian agency i-Technol designed a high-end presentation filled with... READ MORE
playing games on touch screens resembling oldschool game automats
07.03.2014 UltraHD plus multi-touch – the combination of these two technologies made waves at ISE 2014. Ventuz sported a few of these applications. The German agency Realtime Department is a regular at ISE in Amsterdam, equipping the booth of... READ MORE
information on a led wall
25.02.2014 Ventuz puts into reality a concept by star designer Ora Ito for an installation at luxury shopping center Les Trois Quartiers in Paris. Les Trois Quartiers at La Madeleine in Paris is a prime spot for luxury shopping and leisure. No... READ MORE
tenfour graphics rankings and points football
20.02.2014 German agency Sonntagnacht develops Content Management and Controlling Software for Ventuz. Live broadcast productions are oftentimes time-critical and hectic endeavors – decisions have to be made quickly and changes can occur at any... READ MORE
visitors standing in the dark chanel exhibition room projecting white shapes
22.01.2014 CHANEL introduces new watch Montre Première with an interactive room projection. It was an exclusive event – six locations, a selected audience only, a beautiful piece of jewelry, and an immersive interactive installation created in... READ MORE
bingolotto sweden tv show studio backdrop showing the bingo numbers winner of a vw being happy
20.01.2014 Swedish all-time classic BingoLotto has been on air for over 20 years. This season, they have switched to Ventuz. BingoLotto is one of Sweden’s most popular TV game shows. It combines the thrill of Bingo with music and other... READ MORE
porsche cayenne stereolize backdrop presentation wall
17.01.2014 2014 has just started and already promises to be a banner year for the presentation market. We want to highlight 10 trends that we think will accelerate exponentially in 2014. 1. Projection Mapping - The Next Big Step for your Motion... READ MORE
glass projections of promotional videos at the bmw dubai motorshow
23.12.2013 BMW shows unusual interactive mirror installation with Kinect gesture control at Dubai Motorshow.At the Motorshow Dubai in November of 2013, premium car manufacturer BMW equipped their booth with two high-end Ventuz installations. One... READ MORE
the bejeweled prize for the winner of world poker series
19.12.2013 Real Time Graphics uses Ventuz to produce on-air graphics including player panels, leader board and lower 3rd graphics for World Poker SeriesThe World Series of Poker is one of the biggest sports events for the international broadcast... READ MORE
customizing the nissan model on a touch screen with 3d graphics
18.12.2013 Nissan uses interactive augmented reality installation to present new model to Russian audience. For the introduction of the new Nissan Almera to the Russian audience, Nissan arranged a roadshow which ran from June until October of... READ MORE
fashion hero touch screen
17.12.2013 Ventuz faces challenges of today’s complex multimedia in-studio setups for Reality TV and Game Shows with one flexible software solution - Feature Article in December's InBroadcast Edition. Reality TV (e.g. The Voice, Who wants to be... READ MORE
visitor using a touch tablet to operate the led wall
17.12.2013 Moscow City Government uses video wall installation that can be navigated via tablet and gesture control. Once again the German agency 2RISE supplied the Moscow City Government with their great 3D design work, this time for the Urban... READ MORE
send on screen 3D interface graphic
11.12.2013 A new social media asset management tool connects the audience directly to the Ventuz content.  The German agency ON SCREEN has developed a social media asset management tool that allows a customer to incorporate messages and... READ MORE
convocation invitation banner
09.12.2013 The 13th Convcation of of Hamad Bin Khalifa University was enhanced by a LED triptych with real-time animations. The 13th Convocation of Hamad Bin Khalifa University was celebrated in May 2013 at the Qatar National Convention Centre.... READ MORE
contestant on a game show concentrating
06.12.2013 German game show experts announce their upgrade to the newest version of the Ventuz Software Suite. German Game Show specialist Cliparts.TV has upgraded their workflow to Ventuz4, the newest release of the Ventuz Software Suite. Among... READ MORE
tyrolit 3D rotating semi transparent globe
06.12.2013 A combination of projections and tablets gives Tyrolit new presentation options. For their headquarters in Schwaz, Austria, the company Tyrolit needed better ways of making the many areas of their expertise understandable for... READ MORE
presenter in front of the led wall purple electric dynamic mood graphics
29.11.2013 The Moscow City Government presents urban development project Yuzhni Port with complex multimedia installation. The Moscow City Government was not only one of main sponsors of the Open Innovations 2013, but also had their own booth.... READ MORE
interactive touch table at skolkovo business school
22.11.2013 Skolkovo Business School equips their seventh anniversary celebrations with Ventuz powered touch-screens. The Skolkovo School of Management is one of Moscow’s finest education centers. Naturally, they are at the pulse of time,... READ MORE
fashion hero judges from asos karstadt and soliver
08.11.2013 German version of Project Runway uses multitouch application to help the buyers place their bids. Project Runway is one of the most popular shows in American television. Finally, the format has made its way across the pond and is now... READ MORE
visitor of the mall looking at led display with shop informations
07.11.2013 Interactive video wall installation offers many services to shopping mall audience. ECE is a German company specialized in the construction and management of Shopping Centers. In their ongoing strive to create even more immersive... READ MORE
aerob preview picture
05.11.2013 At Interpolitex Moscow, AEROB visualized their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with a custom made Ventuz presentation. Interpolitex is an internationally acclaimed trade show for Means of State Security Provision, held annually in Moscow,... READ MORE
display of the new porsche 997 backdrop led wall
21.10.2013 Learn how to arrange you machine cluster and displays using the Ventuz Machine Configuration tool. We keep telling you how easy it is to set up a video wall in Ventuz. Recently, we have made a little video that will prove to you that... READ MORE
contemporary dancer on stage with projection graphics behind her
10.10.2013 Energetix Bingen uses Ventuz projection mapping to present their newest collection of jewelry to their sales force. On August 31st Energetix Bingen, a large direct marketer of magnetic jewelry, invited their distribution partners to... READ MORE
presenter supported by backdrop graphics showing interface
24.09.2013 Corning and stereolize get together to create a stunning presentation with interactive glass technology - an insight article In February of 2011, the video A Day made of Glass was released on Youtube. In five and a half minutes it... READ MORE
moderator in the studio in front of the LED screen
19.09.2013 German public broadcasters ARD and HR present lottery drawing results on a 103” Panasonic touch-screen. As of July 6th 2013, the weekend lottery drawings of the German public broadcasters ARD and HR are no longer broadcast live.... READ MORE
visitor spreading his arms in front of a screen showing various Google logos
18.09.2013 Google equips their new showroom in Paris with a number of multi-touch installations and large projections for a true feeling of innovative technology For Google, Paris is far more than just another city to have an office in – it is... READ MORE
IP Logo projected on a screen in the background building decorated with projection mapping
17.09.2013 IP celebrates their customers with a classy evening event including a sophisticated projection mapping.
IP is the marketer of commercial airtime for the RTL Group, one of Europe’s largest broadcast networks. In their annual summer... READ MORE
set of interactive touch screens displaying various businesses on a map of Moscow
16.09.2013 The Moscow City Government shows its potential for innovation at Hannover Messe with a huge interactive video wall installation. The Munich based agency 2RISE has made some waves recently with stunning designs and cutting-edge ideas.... READ MORE
TV Bingo show logo opening design
13.09.2013 Federalna TV utilizes Ventuz on-air broadcast graphics for weekly lottery show. Federalna TV is the most popular TV station in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their weekly lottery show TV Bingo is among the country’s most watched programs... READ MORE
Guests listening to the moderator presenting new Mercedes Benz
12.09.2013 Mercedes-Benz used a high-end Ventuz presentation to introduce the newest model of the S-Class to the Dubai audience. When Mercedes-Benz launches a new model of one of their exquisite cars, the best is just enough. No wonder they have... READ MORE
Logo UX Matters
11.09.2013 A recently posted blog article on UX Matters talks about how to create intuitive and compelling touch interfaces – from a Ventuz point of view! At Ventuz, we have struggled with the question of what it takes to create a great touch... READ MORE
screens at the Vodafone IFA booth
11.09.2013 Ventuz was used in the last minute rescue of a multimedia video wall installation after another tool had failed to do the job. Ventuz might not be able to save lives, but it sure can save a show. This happened just a few days ago at... READ MORE
tv moderator using a touch screen displaying the electoral map
10.09.2013 As a software company that straddles both the event and the broadcast markets, at Ventuz we’ve observed an interesting trend: Broadcasters are borrowing technology from the event market for the setup of their newsroom studios. The... READ MORE
Logo Mammoth
05.09.2013 British broadcast graphics agency Mammoth plans to venture into the events and presentation industry.To make sure that they deliver the best quality of interactive graphics and installations, they have added the real-time 3D software... READ MORE
Projection mapping on the Government Palace on Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
26.08.2013 NJ Design created a high-end Ventuz projection mapping project for Mongolia’s biggest national holiday. The Naadam Festival is the most important event for the entire Mongolian country and celebrated annually on July 10-13. For this... READ MORE
moderator in front of a green screen
01.08.2013 At NAB Ventuz, Molden Media and TrackMen joined forces to demo an interactive virtual studio setup on our booth. It combined a virtual studio, on-air graphics and touch devices for broadcast studios of any size. Let us explain more of how... READ MORE
chinese idol tv show logo
30.07.2013 Famous Chinese singing contest uses Ventuz for all on-air and in-studio broadcast graphics. Chinese Idol, the Chinese reality/singing competition modeled after American Idol, marks the start of every show with an animated opener that... READ MORE
backdrop wall graphics displaying the logo of  Chinese game show Character Hero
26.07.2013 Chinese game show Character Hero uses Ventuz for all on-air and in-studio broadcast graphics. Calligraphy is a traditional and very sophisticated craft in China. The renowned broadcast channel HNTV has now developed a game show around... READ MORE
multi-touch LCD screen green graphic from MultiTouch
17.07.2013 Great presentations need great displays – MultiTouch has them. That is why we are combining our forces to deliver the best of both worlds.  MultiTouch Ltd is the world leader in modular multi-touch LCD screens for large-scale... READ MORE
a 3D devil's head projected on a water aerosol cloud creating a hologram
10.07.2013 Music festival Noise Poison uses Ventuz for large holographic real-time projections and light show.Last week, the Noise Poison Festival in Slovakia had 1600 PsyTrance-fans bounce to the heavy beats. Above them floated a holographic real-... READ MORE
projection mapping on the surface of a car
08.07.2013 KUMHO TIRES uses Ventuz for car mapping at the launch event of their new product.At the Global Leaders Summit in Shanghai, KUMHO TIRES used a sophisticated presentation setup for the launch of their new product, PS91. The agency ERIC C... READ MORE
presenter using backdrop to show engaging images to gain attention
04.07.2013 Chris Anderson of TED on why storytelling is so important in presentations, why it helps to learn your speach by heart, and how multimedia can improve your body language.Nobody in the world is more skilled in giving high-end presentations... READ MORE
arise america logo
02.07.2013 Global TV network ARISE NEWS chooses Ventuz for broadcast newsroom on-air graphics, video walls and interactive installations.ARISE NEWS, the new 24-hour global TV news network, leveraged Ventuz high-end graphics software for their... READ MORE
snippets from the corning usa interactive presentation slides
19.06.2013 Corning uses a two layered interactive Ventuz presentation to introduce their new product ONE Wireless.At this year’s CTIA, a renowned conference on wireless technology, Corning used a high-end multimedia installation to present their new... READ MORE
party check logo
18.06.2013 New customer OPENGAMES.TV creates on air graphics for teen game show in Ventuz.KIKA’s game show Party Check is a fun piece of teen entertainment, but also a sophisticated puzzle of voting data and game results that need to be visualized in... READ MORE
heraeus kulzer moderating on stage in front of the audience
11.06.2013 The German agency OnScreen equips European sales meeting of Heraeus Kulzer with an interactive Ventuz presentation.Heraeus Kulzer is a world leading manufacturer of high-tech dental products. Their love for technology was to be represented... READ MORE
cebit microsoft podium discussion the human touch
02.04.2013 Munich agency stereolize celebrates their tenth anniversary as Microsoft’s multimedia expert for CeBIT!It has become a never-ending story: stereolize creates the stage presentations for IT-mega-house Microsoft at CeBIT. One could ask why... READ MORE
kent visitor posing in front of the booth
26.02.2013 British American Tobacco promotes KENT with interactive installations all over Moscow.Enter the future with KENT – that was the motto of the promotion campaign by BAT held in December 2012 in Moscow. In three different locations all over... READ MORE
lukoil multitouch table visitors playing games
12.12.2012 United 3D Labs develops multitouch installation for the booth of LUKOIL at the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2012.LUKOIL, a leading, vertically-integrated oil & gas company and one of the largest corporations in Russia, hired... READ MORE
visitor using touch table to operate led wall
20.11.2012 CRE Imagination used Ventuz to create an interactive installation in a stunning multimedia showroom.For the new Smart Grid showroom in Chengdu in the Sichuan Province the Ventuz specialists CRE Imagination were hired to create a multitude... READ MORE
street league studio
26.10.2012 Real Time Graphics brings Ventuz to renowned US skateboard tournament.Street League is a series of skateboarding events held annually in the US. The series ranks among the most renowned urban sports tournaments worldwide and is broadcast... READ MORE
tianjin 3D data visualization geographic diagram power grid
18.10.2012 Chinese agency CRE Imagination equips Tianjin Electric Power Corporation with a high-end real-time control center.Control rooms are like bee hives for real-time data. With information speeding in and out at all times, it gets hard to stay... READ MORE
vw logo banner
11.10.2012 VW introduces new Golf model with a stunning Ventuz presentation.For the press launch of the new Golf on September 4th, German car manufacturer VW asked the agency stereolize to top off the classy event with a sophisticated Ventuz... READ MORE
telstra human body lying down graphic electric blue
09.10.2012 Telstra, one of Australia‘s biggest telecommunication companies, launches an innovative multimedia showroom in their headquarters in Melbourne.In August 2012, Telstra opened the doors to their new showroom located in their headquarters in... READ MORE
led wall map of russia
01.10.2012 a+1 production teamed up with three monkeys for the opening of the 1st tier III data centre in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, which took place on September 19.The data centre is a joint project of HP and Kazakh Telekom, and the first tier III... READ MORE
dancers in front of suzuki backdrop promo wall
26.09.2012 Suzuki equipped their stand at this year’s Moscow International Automobile Salon with a variety of Ventuz installations.Suzuki sure knows how to attract attention. Their booth at this year’s MIAS sported a few Ventuz installations created... READ MORE
visitor touching the interactive table at geely
19.09.2012 Chinese automotive company Geely chooses Ventuz installation for their booth at the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2012.The Moscow International Automobile Salon has evolved into one of the top events for the global automotive... READ MORE
olympia madrid touch interface globe graphic sports selection
21.08.2012 Madrid uses interactive Ventuz installations to promote their hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.While the Olympic Games in London keep the city busy and buzzing, some places already hint at the games to come. The Spanish House in London... READ MORE
Mattoni Music Awards Prague 2011 on TV Nova virtual stage created with LED and LCD
15.12.2011 The Mattoni Czech Music Awards is one of the most popular music events in the Czech Republic.On November 26th the final ceremony was broadcast live during prime-time on TV Nova.The event was held in the beautiful Prague State Opera. Our... READ MORE
3d pie chart showing porsche specs
06.12.2011 In the sunny state of California, German agency stereolize created a presentation as sophisticated as the product it featured.In November 2011, Porsche chose the city of Santa Maria in California to present the newest model of the Porsche... READ MORE
looking through the multitouch glass screen
27.10.2011 Not only have these two long-time Ventuz users joined their forces, they have already brought with them a couple of really sweet projects.We wish them all the best!The Multitouch Experience Cube was the first project the newly founded... READ MORE
presenting the new porsche 911 with 3D graphics on the LED wall
21.09.2011 It seems to be a friendship for life: yet again the German agency stereolize was asked to create a presentation for the launch of a new Porsche model.On August 29th, 2011, German car manufacturer Porsche invited a selected group of... READ MORE
projection mapping flowers plants on the facade of the troja palace
08.08.2011 Some folks really know how to celebrate!For their phenomenal wedding in Prague this couple chose the finest in event technology the world has to offer: a mapping project!The Troja Palace is a Baroque palace in the north-west of Prague, the... READ MORE
the audi a6 on display
14.07.2011 three monkeys created and implemented several innovative concepts exclusively for an Audi event that gave Audi's best GCC, Asia, Australia and South Africa customers the opportunity to test drive the new A6, and find out more about the new... READ MORE
the audi a8 on display with touchtable and LED screen
12.07.2011 three monkeys were hired to develop an interactive concept for the launch of the new Audi A8 l that would reflect the new model's unique features.Using the car and its characteristics, also called hotspots, as the starting point, three... READ MORE
3D graphic of the new Porsche Panamera S Hybrid showing engine mechanics
08.07.2011 When leading automobile manufacturer Porsche launches a new model, they always make an impression.Once again they chose stereolize for the presentation.On May 09th through 19th German automobile manufacturer Porsche introduced a new... READ MORE
weather broadcast graphics using ventuz
02.09.2010 The market leading German breakfast TV, ARD Morgenmagazin, now uses a 3D realtime weather solution based on Ventuz.Interactive realtime graphics are expected in the market of live TV productions and Ventuz is the number one choice for... READ MORE
presenting the new porsche cayenne huge LED wall showing porsche logo and various perspectives
18.06.2010 For the launch of the new Porsche Cayenne in Leipzig, the agency stereolize created an interactive presentation in an unusual format, using a holopro as the navigation device.The introduction of the new Cayenne to the media took place in... READ MORE
hotel guest searching for a route using the touch screen 3D graphics map
16.10.2009 The agency Pictures That Move in Spain acquired Barceló hotels for one of the first and biggest digital signage projects to be realized with Ventuz so far.On their behalf the Munich agency stereolize created a stunning interactive... READ MORE
displaying the baseball players name on a strap
20.02.2009 Ventuz powers the next generation FoxBox!Los Angeles / Hamburg: Fox Networks Operations & Engineering (NE&O) has selected the Ventuz Technology Group as their designated 3D software graphics rendering engine for their Next... READ MORE
ranking list of runners adidas slopestyle bmx race
02.08.2008 Pure mountain bike action matched with typical Austrian flair.From31.07.-03.08.08 the slopes were on fire in Saalbach-Hinterglemm.Pure mountain bike action matched with typical Austrian flair - a mix that you find nowhere else! Once more... READ MORE