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An Animated Farewell


Instrument Systems sends former CEO into retirement with a farewell dinner gala, supported by a large Ventuz presentation.

When a beloved boss leaves a company, a great gesture is needed to bid farewell in an appropriate manner. For Instrument Systems, experts in light measurement, this gesture consisted of a gallant dinner event and a Ventuz powered presentation. Picking up the light-theme as the central design element, stereolize created an animated timeline which led through the history of the company and of CEO Distl. The large backdrop screen was illuminated by two projectors – all blending was done in Ventuz.
Additionally, stereolize equipped the event with a second installation which displayed a welcome loop. Both installations triggered an animated countdown to the beginning of the show at the same time; that way all guests were able to get to their seats in due time.
countdown of instrument systems farewell video countdown of instrument systems farewell video guests at the instruments system eventmoderator standing underneath the video wall