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BTV Equips Law in action with Ventuz Powered Video Wall


Chinese TV show Law In Action enhances its studio with interactive LED video wall including social media integration. Since 1999, the daily TV show Law in Action has been an important element of Chinese network BTV’s program. With around 3 million viewers in the Beijing area alone, the show gives insight into recent court cases as well as common questions of law. In 2015, the Law in Action studio was enhanced with a Ventuz powered LED video wall.  The video wall is constructed like a triptych with an overall height of 2 meters. While the middle part of the wall shows videos and text regarding the court case which is being discussed, the left side is reserved for images. On the right side, Law in Action offers a social media integration to allow viewers from all over the country to comment on the court case and ruling via Twitter, Facebook and the instant messaging service Wechat.  At every stage of the show, the host is given full control over the video wall content. A rotation laser device turns the wall into a multitouch screen which allows the host to browse through content, open and close videos and thus adapt the graphics to his personal style of presentation. The same flexibility is offered through a Microsoft Surface tablet, which the host can use as a remote control for the video wall.  The Chinese agency Multipixs installed two Ventuz Director workstations on site to allow the show’s staff to easily create and change the content. Due to its simple and user friendly interface, the personnel quickly adapted to the new workflow and now enjoys operating the Ventuz machines. The network BTV is currently exploring opportunities to use Ventuz in other programs as well. 

moderator with backdrop LED screen showing the logo of the showLED presentation showing photos ad videos related to the casewide shot of studio stage and backdrop LED wall