• 12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony Header Image

CCTV Shows Stunning Augmented Reality Setup for Sports Awards Ceremony


After the impressive success of the 11th CCTV Sports Awards, which were decorated with the PORMAX BDA 2015 Gold Award, the agency Hunters was commissioned to also provide on-air broadcast graphics for the 12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony, which took place on January 24th. The event ustilized a stunning augmented reality setup which not only added greatly to the TV viewers’ experience but also tied in neatly with real-time data sources.

To make sure that the virtual graphics appeared physically correct throughout the entire show, Hunters used the Trackmen camera tracking system to import information such as tilt, zoom, pan and focus directly from the cameras on site into the Ventuz graphics scene. This provided for a seamless communication between real and virtual content, making sure that the virtual graphics tied in perfectly with the overall camera signal. The graphics themselves consisted of a real-time 3D universe which covered the entire ceiling of the building. Additionally, Hunters created a countdown cube, floating images and much more. A special highlight was the live display of the voting data for the awards, which allowed the viewers to fully dive into the excitement. With an audience of over 10 million people, the CCTV Sports Awards Ceremony was a great success.

Hunters is a creative team of designers and artists under Tvmining Media co. Ltd. They provide technical support for various popular TV programs in China, and will continue to passionately offer high quality products.

12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony augmented reality video displayBehind the scenes managing the graphics for 12th CCTV Sport Awards Ceremony