CCTV5 Equips Sudirman Cup Broadcast with Touchscreen App


Ventuz has always been a prime choice for broadcasters to advance their in-studio setups. Be it video walls, interactive applications or virtual reality, additional graphics elements can greatly improve information flow and viewer attention. Chinese network CCTV just recently deployed Ventuz to enhance the broadcast of the fourteenth Sudirman Cup, a world mixed team badminton championship which took place in Dongguan City.

Agency TVM equipped the sports studio with a state-of-the-art multitouch installation. By a simple click on the scree the host could select players from all teams and compare them to their competitors. The installation would not only trigger graphics on the screen in the studio, but also as overlay graphics on the television. This allowed viewers at home to get insight into the course of the tournament, familiarize themselves with the players and evaluate each competitor's strengths and weaknesses.

With twelve teams, each consisting of about 20 players, the amount of data that needed to be visualized by the application was enormous. Additionally, TVM created animated 3D models of every player, which were embedded into the real-time content.

The application operated with great reliability and was in use during the entire week of the Sudirman Cup, May 10 - 17.

moderator introducing players using on-screen broadcast graphics player profile overview to compare