Children Learn Electronics with Ventuz


It is all about electronics in Shenzhen, the Chinese boomtown where new technologies are developed and produced at breakneck speed. Even the smallest are introduced early on to the wonders of the electronic world, as for example in the Children’s Amusement Park of Shenzhen, where our trusted customer Anystage recently set up a Ventuz powered interactive installation which explains technology in a playful and colorful manner.

The application is aimed at the youngest visitors and allows them to explore their in-home-technologies by simple drag-and-drop actions, which most of them are already familiar with. The exploration of interactive multimedia installations for early childhood education is well underway, and this setup by Anystage shows an effective way to combine children’s natural curiosity, a playful framework and an education background to introduce children even to the most complex topics.

An employer of Childrens' Amusement Park in Shenzhen introducing a young visitor to Ventuz technologies interface of the programme teaching children about smart-home-technologies