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Corning touches Base with wireless Technology


Corning uses a two layered interactive Ventuz presentation to introduce their new product ONE Wireless.

At this year’s CTIA, a renowned conference on wireless technology, Corning used a high-end multimedia installation to present their new technology ONE Wireless to the industry. With a sophisticated touch screen setup, even the most complicated issues could be visualized in an intelligible way.

The main presentation consisted of a square rear projection. Additionally, a six foot high holoscreen was manufactured especially for this event and put on the edge of the stage. The speaker thus moved between the rear projection and the holoscreen, never having to turn his back to the audience. Naturally, the holoscreen was interactive and served as a touch interface for the content in the back. With very slick animation, the speaker could swipe objects from the holoscreen onto the rear projection to show highlights and explain details. The German agency stereolize provided their experience and their glossy designs and turned the Corning presentation into an impressive experience.

For more information, visit the stereolize website!

snippets from the corning usa interactive presentation slides