Innovation Lift Powered by Ventuz


Moscow City Government equips their booth at Open Innovations with an immersive, interactive Ventuz installation.

After two very successful collaborations during the previous years, German agency 2RISE was hired again by the Moscow City Government to create a unique presentation experience for the Open Innovations Forum in October. They designed an installation called ‘Innovation Lift’, which visualized key information on the products of twelve leading Russian companies.
The installation consisted of a video wall and a video floor which operated as one fluent visual experience. Via a touchscreen located at the foot of the installation, visitors could dynamically browse through the data-heavy content, select certain product highlights and get informed on innovation plans and strategies. Since the event was visited by guests from all over the world, the entire presentation was available in both Russian and English language. 
‘Innovation Lift’ was run from a cluster of 2 Ventuz machines using AMD graphics boards. An additional server operated the touch-terminal. With a total of over 40 screens, the installation was a true eye-catcher at Open Innovations and attracted a lot of media attention. 
visitors observing the video wall displaying green matrix graphics at Innovation Lift Russia touch tablet for interacting with the displayed graphics with the view of video floor in the backgroundview of the Innovation Lift exhibition booth 3D visualisation of 2015 sale volumes and predicted volumes for 2018