Interactive Info-Terminal for Druzhba Museum


Headquarter of Druzhba oil pipeline uses Ventuz for media installation in their newly opened museum.

The Druzhba oil pipeline is one of the largest pipeline networks in the world and crucial for the fossil fuel supply of many European countries. To celebrate Druzhba’s 50th anniversary, the company’s head office in Briansk decided to open a corporate museum. The agency MediaVision was a subcontracting supplier hired to develop a number of multimedia installations to enhance the visitors’ experience.
Mediavision used Ventuz for one of the central installations of the museum. It consists of a touch table featuring an interactive 3D presentation on the entire pipeline, its history, and plans for the future. Via an easy to use interface, visitors can select individual parts of the pipeline which are then highlighted on a virtual globe. Additional information is provided in an overlay window. 
Ventuz was the tool of choice for MediaVision mainly because it allowed for the easy creation of interactive 3D applications. Also, texts and images provided by the customer could be quickly integrated into the content and changed in real-time.
vistor displaying an information box about the pipeline using the touch tablevirtual 3D globe graphic