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Interactive Video Wall for Urban Forum Moscow


Moscow City Government uses video wall installation that can be navigated via tablet and gesture control.

Once again the German agency 2RISE supplied the Moscow City Government with their great 3D design work, this time for the Urban Forum, which was held in the beginning of December in Moscow. Following the forum’s motto Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre, Moscow used this event to introduce three urban development projects.
2RISE created a real-time Ventuz presentation on a 12x2 display video wall, which was turned into a giant touch screen by a rotation laser device. Additionally, the content could be accessed via tablet PCs. 
The presentation was divided into three segments – one for each development project. Thus, the staff of the Moscow City Government was able to present all three projects simultaneously. General information could be displayed across the entire video wall. The content consisted of 3D models, images and filmed material, showing different development stages, plans for transportation and living as well as the city’s strategy for green spaces and parks. 
The Moscow Urban Forum was very busy and attracted government officials and business leaders, who were all very impressed with the Ventuz powered video wall installation.
visitor using a touch tablet to operate the led wall