Korean Culture Center New York Equips Exhibition with Information Technology


Refashioning Korean Culture – that was the motto of an exhibition launched at the Korean Culture Center New York in September last year. To keep the production close to home, the Korean agency Eric C&C was hired to create a multitude of media installations for the exhibition. They chose Ventuz as the best real-time graphics tool for this job.

To bring visitors closer to the Korean culture, the exhibition featured a number of interactive installations. It started off with a wooden door at the entrance. The door could be opened to a multitouch screen displaying a video pf a woman in a Hanbok, a traditional dress. Via a touch menu, visitors could access additional information. Other interactive applications used leap motion technology and gave insight into the Korean agriculture and cuisine.

Eric C&C also used Ventuz due to its mapping functionalities, since they needed to project onto very specific areas of a surface. For example, one wall was decorated with 135 plates. The media content was created to project content only onto the plates and not the space on between them, serving for a beautiful way to display information.

The exhibition as very successful, so much so that Korean President Park Guen-hye came by and praised the event as an insightful combination of traditional Korean culture and modern technology.

Multitouch interactive screen displaying woman in hanbokGraphics projecting on a wall decorated with plates