Massive Interactive Aviation Showroom


French-American turbine manufacturer CFM International turns exhibition pavilion into an interactive, gesture controlled experience. 

Some companies bring a little pop-up stand to an exhibition. Others build entire pavilions to present themselves. As did CFM International at the Farnborough International Airshow, which took place near London in July of this year. Their pavilion, constructed on a prime location right next to the runway, featured a massive multimedia installation powered by Ventuz.
The French agency emenco was hired to create this stunning showroom which consisted of almost 60 Samsung seamless displays. Eight Ventuz servers supplied the installation with high-end graphics, using AMD FirePro 9000 graphic cards and S400 synch boards. The entire setup was made interactive by five rotation laser devices. Visitors could find their hotspot in the showroom, activate a navigation interface and browse through additional videos, images and text information. 
Along with the real-time presentation content, light and sound were controlled by Ventuz as well in order to keep every aspect of the showroom in perfect synch. Together with the touch-less interaction, this served for an immersive presentation experience. 
an airplane turbine proudly placed amidst LED screens displaying mood graphics and information boxeshuge LED wall with interactive presentation view of the CFM International pavilion from the outside view of the whole pavilion from the inside