New Shopping Experience with Ventuz


It's been a long time since a trip to the shopping center was just about shopping. Malls have become places of entertainment where people find many ways to spend leisure time and have fun. The shopping center Marmarapark in Istanbul, Turkey, has just recently significantly improved customer experience by installing a MallWall, a Ventuz based interactive media center developed by Sonntagnacht GmbH. The project was supervised by lead agency Schach & Matt.

The MallWall is a very large video wall which invites users to interact with the content via a touch terminal. It was initially meant to mainly serve as a navigation system to help visitors find their way around the mall, select their favorite shops and get information about special events and sales promotions. This is still an essential functionality of the installation, but it has evolved into a multi-facetted entertainment hub.

Since shopping remains the main topic, the MallWall offers insight into styles and trends. Shoppers can browse through thousands of looks, select their favorite ones and immediately find out where they can purchase the items. To broaden the experience, a complex social media link is implemented. Thus, shoppers can share their styles via Facebook, Twitter and the like, involving their friends and families.

Additionally, the MallWall helps users keep up with what is going on in the world. Not only does the wall display weather data, it also includes a live TV link which allows the streaming of TV news and other special broadcasts, such as fashion shows and other live coverage.

Naturally, Sonntagnacht did not forget about the children. In collaboration with Glare Productions they developed a 3D Alien Shooter game which kids can operate using Microsoft Kinect Gesture Control.

The MallWall is an exceptionally fun addition to any shopping experience, but Marmarapark Istanbul doesn't stop there. A second attraction is the PhotoBuzzer, a well-designed photo booth which allows visitors to take pictures of themselves and their loved ones. All pictures can be altered with a drawing application and sent to social media or directly to the MallWall. Additionally, PhotoBuzzer offers a QR code application which brings all images instantly onto the user's phone.

Sonntagnacht and their partner Glare Productions used Ventuz to create all graphics and manage the video wall setup. The installation has been up and running in Marmarapark Istanbul for a few months, and the executives have decided to install MallWalls in a number of other shopping malls all over Turkey.

Marmarapark mall customer putting an outfit together using the interactive touch table father and son editing a photo they took earlier to share it with their family on social media