New Ventuz Enhancements by Glare Productions


We love it when the crowd adds to the awesomeness that is the Ventuz software suite with their own developments. Glare Productions have done just that in the form of shaders, physics and much more.

The skilled team of programmers from Glare Productions have gathered all their latest developments for Ventuz 4 in one gigantic, breath-taking demo project. They have created technologies for lighting, bones, physics, shaders, and effects, and have used them for some of the finest Ventuz work we have seen in a while.

And what's more: They are happy to share their work with the community. You can download the entire demo project from their website, get detailed instructions and use their developments to get the most out of your design and 3D work.

Follow this link

And no, this is not an April fools prank. This is the real deal. Actually, it gets even better, because Glare is giving away their Mesh Splitter Preset for FREE. Follow this link to make this April Fools Day the best you've ever had.

3D car graphic with lightning geometrical mesh structures 3D3D alien figure standing on a rock with a view of a city