Projection Mapping for Samsung’s Anniversary


Samsung Electronics celebrated their 44th anniversary with a multimedia pavilion featuring interactive installations and projection mapping.

On the occasion of their 44th anniversary, Samsung Electronics rewarded their employees with an installation dedicated to their personal ideas about the company’s atmosphere and evolution. In their headquarter in Suwon, South Korea, they set up a multimedia pavilion that allowed visitors to share their photos and comments with the entire staff. The agency Eric C&C was hired to realize this intricate installation using Ventuz 4.
The pavilion featured a room with two large projections. On one side, 52 cubical elements were placed in front of the wall and incorporated into the projection using the Ventuz 4 mapping tool. Four photo booths with multitouch screens and a barcode scanner were set up in front of the wall. Visitors could take their own pictures and use the barcode scanner to scan their ID cards and thereby add personal information to the images. The photos were then sent to them by email and also randomly thrown onto the projection wall and the 52 cubes. 
On the other side of the room there were three interactive terminals which allowed the employees to write down wishes for their company. Upon pushing ‘send’, the notes virtually folded up into paper planes and ‘flew’ onto the projection wall, where they unfolded for everyone to read. This data was also dynamically sent to a database for the client to review.
projection mapping of photos on a cube statue installation for Samsung Anniversary projection walls with mood graphics starry night sky and sunny sky with mellow clouds employer using the interactive touch screen to write a message3D animation of the message being folded and flown up to be shown to everyone