• Volkswagen Group presentation room filled with visitors

Robotic Presentation for VW Groupnight


On the evening of the Geneva International Motorshow 2015, VW gathered their management and select press to present their newest developments. Following the motto "Moving Technology", the agency United Vision equipped the stage with ten LED panels mounted to robotic arms that created an ever changing backdrop for the presentations. Stereolize used the Ventuz software suite for the presentation content.

The VW Groupnight is an opportunity for all 12 brands of the group to show off what they have going on. Each CEO entered the stage in a vehicle while the backdrop panels changed into the assigned presentation mode. The content was visually adjusted to fit the brands' CI and incorporated elaborate animations and easy to understand data visualization. Additionally, Stereolize created a presentation for the group's CEO, Martin Winterkorn.

Ventuz proved especially valuable for this assignment as the presentations needed to fit different widths and aspect ratios while at the same time maintaining a fluid appearance. Also, last minute changes could be implemented without any problems, as many of the CEOs didn't want to reveal information beforehand.

VW Backdrop wall graphics presenting the new car modellYellow Lamborghini on display with suitable color background graphics